‘Yoo Ki-sang – Moon Jeong-hyun’s last fight’ Korea loses the second day game more than 100 times even in the 4th quarter chase

Korea suffered a disappointing defeat on the second day.

The Korean University men’s selection team lost 67-79 to the Japanese University men’s selection team in the second day of the 46th Lee Sang-baek Cup Korea-Japan University Basketball Tournament held at Yonsei University Gymnasium on the 20th. 

Korea, which won by 20 points on the first day, suffered a disappointing loss on the second day. Yugi-sang and Moon Jung-hyun went on a last-minute chase, but they couldn’t turn the game around. Both teams will play their last match of the tournament on the 21st. 

Korea struggled in the early stages of the game, being pushed back by Japan’s offensive. What changed the atmosphere was the power of the outer cannon. Korea, where Kim Tae-hoon and Yoo Ki-sang hit a 3-point shot, launched a counterattack with Yoo Ki-sang on fire leading the attack. After narrowing the score gap, Korea, which made a close match, finished the first quarter with a score of 19-21.

Korea put pressure on Japan in the second quarter as Yoo Ki-sang made a successful 3-point shot. However, Japan also showed formidable potential by inducing Korea to turn over one after another. In South Korea, Moon Jung-hyun showed off his presence in karate and defense, and Lee Kang-hyun attacked the inside. 

Riding the momentum, Korea gained the upper hand with Park Moo-bin’s floater and Moon Jung-hyun’s euro step, along with pressure defense. Korea, whose attack slowed down a bit at the end of the first half, ended the second quarter with a score of 38-36.

Entering the third quarter, Korea raised the pace with Kim Tae-hoon’s amazing shot-clock buzzer beater and even a block shot. However, after that, Korea fell into a stagnation in the attack and stopped scoring for over 3 minutes. Japan, which had solid defense, took the lead by accumulating points one by one. 

Taking advantage of Korea’s poverty, Japan escaped by a double-digit score. With Yang Jun turning the tide, Korea finished the third quarter with a score of 48-56.

The lead of the game completely passed to Japan at the beginning of the fourth quarter. Japan, which continued to beat Korea, ran away by 18 points with two outlying guns. Then, Korea, which was in danger of defeat, saved hope with a 3-point shot by Moon Jeong-hyeon and Ki-sang Ki. 스포츠토토

When Japan ran away with Yamauchi Zahel Ryuta’s double clutch, Korea responded without losing concentration by Moon Jung-hyun and Yugi-sang. Even Park Seung-jae succeeded in making a 3-point shot, and Korea’s pursuit continued. 

However, Korea suffered a fatal turnover at the time when it was time to pull the reins and lost its strength. After taking a breather, Kotetsu Kurokawa’s decisive 3-pointer hit Japan, putting a wedge in the game. 


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