Worries about injury” All-Star Selection WBC Giving Up, Dominica’s Dream Team Already Crashing

The Seattle Mariners didn’t want to repeat the past failure. I was anxiously watching the WBC participation of pitcher Luis Castillo, who had a large contract worth 108 million dollars in 5 years, with a strong chance of being selected for the national team. In the end, the situation was settled with the player giving up the WBC participation. The Dominican Republic lost 메이저사이트 an important starting card.

According to the Seattle Times on the 2nd (Korean time), Seattle President Jerry Dipoto said, “Castillo is going to spring camp with us. It’s a decision we made together.” Castillo was included on the Dominican Republic’s WBC 50-man interest list, but was left out of the final list.

In addition to Castillo, Seattle has two candidates to represent the Dominican Republic: Julio Rodriguez and Teosca Hernández. Venezuela’s Eugenio Suárez, Canada’s Matt Brassey, Italy’s Matt Festa, and England’s Henry Ford are among the candidates for the national team.

The rest of the players don’t seem too concerned. Another pitcher, Brash, is a starting candidate for Seattle, but has chosen to play in the relief pitching in Canada. Why did Castillo not want to participate when such an appropriate protection plan could be prepared?

The Seattle Times believes that the cases of Drew Smiley and Felix Hernandez in 2017 had an impact. Smiley was traded to Seattle, where he underwent Tommy John surgery after injuring his elbow while playing for the WBC as a member of the US National Team. Hernandez was also sidelined for the season due to injury. Opinions may differ as to whether there is a direct connection between the WBC and the injury, but it is undoubtedly a concern.

“You have to play at a very high intensity before the season. I’m always worried about injuries,” Seattle coach Scott Service said honestly. Confessed.

Earlier, Dominican Republic general manager and player Nelson Cruz said that 18 of the 50 players on the interest list had been denied participation in the WBC by their clubs. At the time, it was not known which player belonged to this category, but it was revealed that Castillo was one of them.


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