“World’s highest level of prize money” Daegu International Marathon, will the event become the world’s best?

Among the large-scale international marathon competitions held in Korea,  it is the only one organized by a local government and boasts a tradition of more than  20  years  . Right after the tournament, Daegu Mayor Hong Joon-pyo  announced that he would have a positive effect on the image and dignity of Daegu by raising the prize money to a world-class level  . On April 20, the detailed plan came out. Let’s talk in detail with reporter Son Eun-min. Reporter Sohn, shall we take a look at what Daegu City announced this time  ?

The largest part of the information revealed this time  is, of course, the size of the prize money.

Starting from the 2024 competition the following year,  the elite prize money will be raised from $40,000 to $160,000  by 2023  to make it the world’s best. The $160,000  is higher than the first prize of $150,000 at the Boston Marathon, which  Mayor Hong mentioned. In addition,  the plan to raise the total prize money for the top 10 from $250,000 to $885,000 or more  was also announced. In terms of total prize money,  it is the highest level compared to the world’s six major marathons, such as  the Boston Marathon’s $724,000 and the New York Marathon’s $572,000  . The prize money for first place in Korea has also  been increased fourfold from 5 million won to 20 million won, world records  are set at 100,000 dollars, Korean players’  new records at 100 million won, and competition records are  raised to 10,000 dollars, which has doubled from before.  foretold. ◀Anchor▶ The appearance of the world’s highest level of ‘prize money’  looks gorgeous, but the size of this prize money 

What point do you want to achieve through this? Isn’t it

a world-class ‘contest’ simply by increasing the prize money  ?

Of course, according to Daegu City,  the world’s top  players will participate through the expansion of the prize money, and this  will be the first step in raising the level  of the tournament .

However, simply changing the level of invited players or  the amount of prize money does not change the evaluation of the tournament  . The city of Daegu also  presented several countermeasures in this regard. First of all, we plan to revive the full course for Masters, who are regular participants  . In recent competitions, only elite players  ran the full course, while the Masters  ran half and 10km and 5km healthy runs. Starting from the next competition, the Masters  full course will be revived, and 10km and healthy running  will be held together to increase the number of participants from 15,000  to more than 30,000. The masters full course and the increase in the number of participants  are also necessary to acquire  the highest level platinum label in the marathon, one step higher  than the gold label currently held by the Daegu Marathon  . In order to meet these conditions,  it is necessary to consider the course of the event and the timing of the event.  안전놀이터

is known to be

◀Anchor▶ Can you tell us
what changes are expected in the future,  and what remains of the preparation process  ?

First of all, it is expected that the course will inevitably change  .

In the case of the 2023 competition, elite players  ran several laps in the city center on a loop course, and  in the case of the Masters, they ran on a different course that was dispersed, and  many complaints such as road control were received.

It is an idea to start from Daegu Stadium instead of the existing city center  and run a downtown circulation course to inform the world of the entire city of Daegu  and reduce complaints about road control  . The newly determined course is  confirmed after hearing various opinions, goes through the Korea Association of Athletics Federations  , and then applies for course accreditation to the World Association of Athletics Federations, and  is finally confirmed through measurement and evaluation. It seems that there will be no major change in the timing of the competition, but  it will be decided between the end of March and the beginning of April, similar to the current time,  in consideration of the record breaking of the competition, coordination of schedules with other competitions, and  accessibility of Masters participants  . Daegu City also  plans to develop Daegu as a world-class marathon city by  considering the participation of young people and differentiation from other competitions  .


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