‘World Table Tennis Championship sortie’ Shin Yu-bin “I’ll erase the regret of the injury 2 years ago”

“I will erase the disappointment of two years ago with a game without regret.”

Houston, Texas, USA is synonymous with ‘regret’ for women’s table tennis Shin Yu-bin (Korean Air).

Shin Yu-bin, who has gone beyond a ‘table tennis prodigy’ and established himself as the next-generation ace of table tennis in Korea, participated in the individual World Table Tennis Championships held in Houston in November 2021.

On her first world championship stage, which was highly anticipated by her, Shin Yu-bin collapsed after not being able to spread her wings properly. She suffered a wrist stress fracture and withdrew from the event.

At the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, which was held earlier that summer, she showed her international stage competitiveness by performing confidently against world-class powerhouses, so her withdrawal from the world championship was a more regrettable result.

Shin Yubin overcame two surgeries and difficult rehabilitation.

And last November, she declared her ‘resurrection’ by winning two gold medals in the mixed doubles and women’s singles at the World Table Tennis (WTT) Contender held in Nova Gorica, Slovenia.

In January of this year, she swept the singles, mixed doubles and women’s doubles finals at the Asian regional qualifiers for the 2023 Durban Individual World Championships in Qatar.

On the 11th, she met Yubin Shin at the Jincheon Athletes’ Village in Chungbuk, where the table tennis team’s training camp was set up to prepare for the World Championships in Durban.

Shin Yu-bin said, “Two years ago, she was sick just by holding a racket, but she has improved a lot now. It’s nice that she can train a lot,” she laughed.

Shin Yu-bin did not rest even during the period when she could not lift her ping-pong stick due to her wrist pain. She focused on increasing her power through weight training, etc., and thanks to that, she was able to show improved table tennis than before the injury.

Women’s national team coach Oh Kwang-hun, who values ​​her stamina and power, trains the national team players, including Shin Yu-bin, rigorously. Athletes are sweating all day from 6 in the morning to night.

Director Oh’s theory is that the gold medal myth written by Hyun Jeong-hwa, coach of the Korean Racing Association and Korea Exchange coach Yoo Nam-gyu, at the 1988 Seoul Olympics was possible thanks to ‘power table tennis’.

However, Shin Yu-bin smiled, saying that he had trained harder than the current national team training.

Even harder than strength training, she says, is controlling the amount of training you do with the racquet. If you train too much, the pain in the injured area will return.

Shin Yu-bin said, “I have to take good care of the injured area. Controlling the intensity of training is another of my duties.” In a way, it’s a contradiction.

Shin Yu-bin, who was serious, returned to her teenager’s expression when asked how she relieved her burden and stress.

Shin Yu-bin said, “She dances alone in a place where no one is watching, while listening to the girl group New Jeans’ Hype Boy.” She laughed.안전놀이터

Medal expectations for Shin Yu-bin are higher than two years ago in Houston.

Among the three events, he picked the mixed doubles pairing with Lim Jong-hoon (Korea Exchange) as the event in which medals are expected the most.

Shin Yu-bin said, “She is training hard by shouting Fighting while learning a lot next to Jong-Hun oppa,” and she is “working hard to fill the defensive part next to Jong-Hun oppa, who is stable and powerful.”

She continued, “Double-sik has a colleague next to me, so I don’t feel lonely and it’s fun,” she laughed.

Shin Yu-bin said, “I’m concentrating on increasing the power of my forehand, which was a point of improvement until the world championships.”

The World Championships will be held from the 20th to the 28th in Durban, South Africa.

12 male and female national players, including Shin Yu-bin, and coaches leave for Durban on the 18th.


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