Will Chansung Jung’s plate be overturned? 17 wins, undefeated, ‘Call’ with justification for divinity

As ‘Korean Zombie’ Jeong Chan-seong (36) was ‘called’ again, there was a slight possibility that the game would turn over. This time, Russia’s star Mofsar Yebloev (29) mentioned Chan Sung.

After defeating Diego Lopez (28, Brazil) at the U.S. mixed martial arts (MMA) organization UFC 288 on the 7th (Korean time), Yebloev said, “Many fighters don’t want to fight with me. I want to fight Brian Ortega (32, USA) or ‘Korean Zombie’ Chan-sung Jeong. no matter who I want to fight against an opponent with a high reputation.” 

Coincidentally, Jeong Chan-sung visited the stadium to cheer for Henry Cejudo (36, USA), who was the main eventer. The relay camera caught Jeong Chan-sung watching the game from the audience. Jeong Chan-sung stuck out his tongue and replaced the answer with a humorous expression. 

Jeong Chan-sung is hoping to face Max Holloway (32, USA), who is second in the featherweight rankings. Last month, when Holloway mentioned the fight with Chan-sung Jung first, it caught fire. Jeong Chan-seong also welcomed the confrontation, saying, “If you want to fight me, let’s do it anytime, anywhere.” 

It looks like Yevloyev intervened while the confrontation between the two was in full swing. He is a top 10 fighter in the UFC featherweight rankings. Although he is four steps lower than Jung Chan-sung (6th), this ‘call’ is justified. Yevloev is on a 17-fight winning streak since his professional MMA debut and has never lost a single match. He won 7 consecutive victories even after entering the UFC in April 2019. 메이저사이트

Looking at the current composition, it would be appropriate for Yebloev to fight against a higher ranker. On the other hand, Jeong Chan-sung, who lowered his head in a featherweight title fight with Alexander Volkanovski (35, Australia) in April of last year, faces fighters below him again, which is a common UFC scenario.

However, on the 6th, Jeong Chan-seong, who appeared on Yang Director TV, a YouTube channel run by Busan Team Mad director Yang Seong-hoon Yang, revealed the progress of the confrontation with Holloway to some extent. Jeong Chan-sung said, “I think I will fight Holloway. It’s not confirmed, but the talk with the UFC is over. I think I will probably fight at the end of this year.” 

According to Jeong Chan-sung’s message, it is highly likely that Holloway will be his next opponent. However, if the confrontation between the two goes wrong, there is a possibility that Yebloev, who has cut off the ‘waiting ticket’, will punch Jung Chan-sung.


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