Will Araesu’s runaway ‘40% wall’ be overcome?

The nickname of Ted Williams, who dominated the Major League (MLB), is still ‘the last 40% hitter’. Since Williams recorded a batting average of 0.406 in 1941, there has not been a ‘400 hitter’ in the MLB. Those who challenged the batting average of 0.400 occasionally appeared, but the record was not maintained until the end of the 162-game long race.온라인카지노

After a long time, a challenger appeared again. This is Luis Araes (Miami, photo). Until the 27th (Korean time), when Miami played 79 games, he had a batting average of 0.399 with 111 hits in 278 at-bats. Against Boston on the 28th, Araes recorded 2 hits in 5 at-bats. Even so, his batting average stood still at 0.399. ‘A batting average of 40%’ is that difficult.

MLB.com reported that Arae’s batting average of 0.399 based on 79 games is the sixth highest ever. In 1993, Toronto’s John Olerud hit 0.407 through 79 games, and Colorado’s Larry Walker hit 0.406 in 1997. Of course, all of them failed to maintain a batting average of .400 until the end of the season. Olerud finished the season with 0.363 and Walker with 0.366. Rod Curyu recorded 0.403 each in 79 games in 1983 and 1977, but also failed to cross the 40% barrier. After posting a .401 batting average in 79 games in 1993, Andres Galaraga finished the season with a .370 batting average.

In 1941, Ted Williams had a batting average of .397 in 79 games. This is the record immediately following Araes this season.

Araes significantly raised his batting average by hitting 5 hits in 5 at-bats against Toronto on the 19th. He started the race with a 0.388 and finished with a 0.400. He has since moved up and down the 4th to the present, maintaining his range. By the 25th he had a batting average of 0.401, but by the 26th he had only 1 hit in 4 at-bats and had come down to 0.399. If you don’t hit ‘multi-hit’ every game, you can’t reach ‘batting average of 40%’. The longest running batting average since Williams in 1941 was Kansas City’s George Brett in 1980. He hit 400 or better until 134 games. Olerud in 1993 also kept the 4th line until the 107th game.


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