‘Why am I the 5th kicker in the penalty shootout?’ Walker didn’t like it, but… Pep “Because I saw him being determined”

 Why did Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola (hereafter Man City) choose Kyle Walker (33) as the 5th kicker in the penalty shootout?먹튀검증

According to Spain’s ‘As’ on the 17th (Korean time), coach Guardiola explained why he put Walker as the 5th kicker in the penalty shootout in the 2023-2024 season European Football Federation (UEFA) Super Cup final against Sevilla. 

Man City won the penalty shootout (5-4) after drawing 1-1 in the Super Cup final against Sevilla held at Georgis Karaiskakis Stadium in Piraeus, Greece on the morning of the 17th. 

Walker’s success as the last kicker in the penalty shoot-out, which was under heavy pressure, played a significant role in Manchester City’s victory.

The opening goal in this match belonged to Sevilla. In the 25th minute of the first half, Akuna penetrated the left side and raised a cross, which was headed by En Nesiri.

Despite recording an overwhelming 72% possession in the first half, Manchester City were unable to score an equalizer in the first half. They also had a 9-4 advantage in the number of shots. However, the first 45 minutes ended with Sevilla being dragged into a room. 

Man City scored an equalizer in the second half of Gearco. In the 18th minute of the second half, Palmer, who was flooding the ball raised by Rodri, shook the net by receiving it with his head.

Man City, who dramatically balanced the match, led the game to a penalty shootout.

Both teams made no mistakes until the fourth kicker. The fifth kicker Walker’s shot was slightly caught by the goalkeeper, but there was no problem shaking Sevilla’s net.

However, Sevilla’s fifth kicker failed to score. Goodey’s shot hit the crossbar and bounced off. Manchester City’s win was confirmed.

According to ‘As’, Guardiola said, “I talked to Walker before the penalty shootout. He was not used to penalty kick situations (shoot-outs), but he took responsibility (last kicker). He was seen kicking decisively in practice. The penalty shoot-out is actually a mental problem. You have to drive with confidence. It was kicked like that, and fortunately Walker scored a goal,” he told the story behind the shootout. 

Walker confessed that he did not want to be the last kicker in the penalty shootout.

He said, “A player who has played with me will know, but in fact, I don’t like penalty shootouts. When I lose, I don’t want to disappoint people. However, the coach put me as the last kicker. It must have been because of the leadership as a captain. Thankfully, the shot went in and it became the winning goal.”


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