Where did the ‘Son Heung-min marriage rumor’ start?

Soccer player Heung-Min Son (30, Tottenham)’s wedding rumors have surfaced and are drawing attention.

It is FIFA (International Football Federation) agent and SBS Sports soccer commentator Kim Dong-wan who ignited the rumors of Son Heung-min’s marriage. .

Kim Dong-wan said, “Son Heung-min’s expression has brightened since the last game. He said there was something,” and looked at the English word “LOVE” written on the clothes the host Park Moon-seong was wearing. Then he laughed and said, “It’s written there (clothes).” Heung-Min Son made a gesture that seemed to inform him that he was in a relationship. 스포츠토토

“I can’t say anything, but there is something. I can see something very warm that can refresh Son Heung-min,” he said. Personally, there is something brightening,” he insisted.

On this day, Kim Dong-wan repeatedly emphasized, “Personally, it’s great that Son Heung-min’s face has become brighter.” In response, Park Mun-seong asked, “What do you mean?”, but he said, “I became brighter for personal reasons. I don’t know anything,” he replied and left. As the controversy spread, the part was now deleted from the video.

Since then, rumors of Son Heung-min’s marriage have reignited, centered on netizens. When Son Heung-min entered Korea to participate in training ahead of the Qatar World Cup in September of last year, he was caught wearing a famous B brand wedding band, which is an expensive wedding ring, and marriage rumors were raised.

On the other hand, some have dismissed rumors of marriage, claiming that he enjoys wearing rings on a daily basis.


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