‘What about the group of death?’ 2023 Doosan Match Play Championship

The ninth tournament of the KLPGA 2023 season and the only match play format of the KLPGA Tour, the ‘2023 Doosan Match Play Championship’ (total prize money of 900 million won, prize money of 225 million won) will be held on the 17th ( Wed) for five days at Ladena Golf Club (par 72/6,350 yards) located in Chuncheon, Gangwon-do.

The ‘Doosan Match Play Championship’, which celebrated its 15th anniversary this year, is the only match play format competition on the KLPGA Tour. The total prize money has increased by 100 million won compared to last year, and a fiercer shot competition will unfold.

Since 2019, this tournament has been held in a league format to enhance players’ discrimination and make the tournament successful, drawing interest from golf fans from the group assignment stage. First, the 64 participating players are divided into four groups, from Group A to Group D, each consisting of 16 players. Group A consists of permanent seed holders and the top prize money rankings in the 2022 season, Group B consists of the next top 16 players in the prize money rankings in the 2022 season after Group A, and Group C includes 16 players after Group B.

The last group D was given the opportunity to participate in the order of the top 60 prize money rankings in the 2022 season, players who did not rank within the top 60 prize money rankings among regular tour winners, and the top prize money rankings in the 2023 season.

Jang Ha-na (31), Kim Hae-rim (34, Samchully), and Park Bo-gyeom (25, Angang Construction), who were crowned match queens in the 2013 season as winners of the regular tour, were included in Group D. Next, Son Ye-bin (21, Nike), rookie Kim Min-byeol (19, Hite Jinro), and Bang Shin-sil (19, KB Financial Group), who ranked 10th in the 2023 season prize money rankings as of the end of the ‘2023 NH Investment & Securities Ladies Championship’ He climbed to the top and belonged to group D as a qualified person.

Based on the confirmed group assignment, a group draw was held from 10:00 am on the 16th (Tue) to draw players belonging to the remaining groups B, C, and D from Group A belonging to seeds 1 to 16. The group lottery held prior to the tournament drew the attention of golf fans as a spectator point that can only be seen at the ‘Doosan Match Play Championship’, overflowing with tension as much as the match as players directly select players to face off against.

This year, more interesting group draws were held than ever before. First of all, Ahn Seon-joo (36, National Biff), who was the permanent seed and the first seed in Group A, joined Kwon Seo-yeon (22, Woori Financial Group), Kim Jae-hee (22, Mediheal) At the 9th Kyochon 1991 Ladies Open, he plays with Park Bo-gyeom, who won his first championship.

Ahn Seon-joo said, “Since it is a tournament featuring top-ranked players, I think it will be a more tense yet fun tournament.” We will do our best in match play because we cannot predict what the outcome will be at any time.”

Park Min-ji (25, NH Investment & Securities), the second seed who won the prize money and most wins last season, Jeon Ye-seong (22, Ankang Construction), Kim Ji-young 2 (27, Hanwha Q Cells) and Lee Joo-mi (28, Golden Blue) who won her first championship in her life. and aim for multiple victories in this tournament.

Minji Park. ⓒ Wiz Company
Park Min-ji said, “This tournament is the only match play on the KLPGA tour, and it is the most special and anticipated tournament because it feels like competing directly with other players.” I will record as many birdies as possible and play to concede.”

Group 6, which is expected to have the fiercest competition, was selected by Park Ji-young (27, Korea Real Estate Trust), who is running first in prize money and target points. Park Ji-young picked the winners of the 2023 season in succession, such as Choi Eun-woo (28, Amano) and Lee Da-yeon (26, Mediheal), and completed the group by selecting Bae Su-yeon (23) from Group D.

Park Ji-young said, “I’m worried that they won’t make a really difficult play because I’ve recently picked all the good players.” lost.

Lim Hee-jung and Hong Jung-min. ⓒ Wiz Company
Defending champion Hong Jung-min (21, CJ) selected Lee Chae-eun 2 (24, Ankang Construction) and Seo Yeon-jeong (28, Yojin Construction Industry), followed by Bang Shin-sil, who is emerging as a super rookie, to present a fierce shot showdown.

Hong Jung-min said, “It was a strange feeling when I first competed, but now I feel like I have come to my hometown. I’m greedy, but I’m trying to set my primary goal as passing the group stage and try to do it step by step.” He said, “I will play as fun as when we camped together during our national team days.”

Lim Jin-hee (25, Ankang Construction), who is challenging for 2 weeks in a row with a total of 3 wins at the ‘2023 NH Investment & Securities Ladies Championship’, Kim Min-ju (21, Yuhan Corporation), Jung Seul-gi (28, Huons) Kim Woo-jung (25, DS ELC) and play in pairs.

Lim Jin-hee said, “Last year, I played in the same group as (Jeong) Seul-gi, so I promised not to meet her this year, but I’m embarrassed to be in the same group like this.” he said forcefully

Kim Min-byeol (19, Hite Jinro), who is in first place in the rookie of the year with 705 points in the 2023 season, joins Jo A-yeon (23, Korea Real Estate Trust), Seong Yu-jin (23, Hanwha Q Cells), and Jo Eun-hye (25, Q Capital Partners). compete In particular, Kim Min-byul and Bang Shin-sil are drawing attention from golf fans as they are challenging the record of Lee Jeong-min (31, Hanwha Q Cells), the only rookie to win the championship in the 2010 season ‘Doosan Match Play’.

On the other hand, the generous special prizes for the participating players are another point of interest in the tournament. The first player to score a hole-in-one on the 13th hole (par 3,177 yd) will be given a ‘Mercedes Benz The EQA’ car worth KRW 67 million provided by The Class Hyosung, and the first Albatros on the 6th hole (par 5,537 yd). The player who made it is given 5 million won in cash as an injury.

In addition, as an aspect of interest outside the game, 2 million won in cash will be given to each player who wins the Best Dressed, Best Manner and ‘NINA Photogenic’ awards.스포츠토토

In addition, among the registered players of the Korea Middle and High School Golf Federation, 8 scholarship students who were selected as Doosan Golf Dreams through prior application will be given 5 million won in cash each, adding to its meaning.

Hosted by Doosan Corporation and Doosan Energity and supervised by KLPGT, this tournament will be broadcast live every round through host broadcasters SBS Golf, Naver, LG U+, and Spokey.


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