‘We were playing well, but…’ Kim Byung-soo, “Slump? There’s no end to the reasons”

The team’s performance has definitely improved, but results have not followed. Suwon Samsung head coach Kim Byung-soo said that he will do his best in the given situation rather than looking for a cause for the lack of results.

Suwon Samsung lost 1-2 to Suwon FC in the 16th round of the Hana OneQ K League 1 2023 at Suwon World Cup Stadium at 6pm on the 3rd. Suwon Samsung failed to pick up a point and remained at the bottom of the league in 12th place.

Suwon dominated the attack in the first half and created several chances, but it was Suwon FC who took the lead. In the 44th minute, Jang Jae-woong’s roving pass through the defence was picked up by Yoon Beom-garam, who attempted a volley that rattled the net with its trajectory. The first half ended with Suwon FC leading 1-0 thanks to Yoon’s wonder goal.메이저사이트

At the start of the second half, Suwon tried to make a change with a substitution, but once again, Suwon FC scored again. In the 22nd minute of the second half, Oh In-pyo received a pass from Ras on the counter-attack, and his kick went straight into the goal.

With urgency in their hearts, Suwon continued to pound away at the goal and eventually found the equaliser. In the 36th minute of the second half, Han Ho-gang pushed a diving header straight into the net from Lee Ki-jae’s cross. Despite the one-goal deficit, the match ended in favour of Suwon FC as no further goals were scored.

Despite dominating the game, Suwon Samsung conceded two goals after giving up several chances. After the game, head coach Kim Byung-soo said, “I think the players tried their best to score. The reasons will never end. I’m sure the reporters here are experts and know exactly what happened, so I don’t want to point fingers. If one missed chance leads to a goal, you can’t evaluate it, but if you keep conceding chances, you can talk about it. I think it’s a natural phenomenon.”

[Suwon Samsung head coach Kim Byung-soo at the press conference].

-Post-match comments

We started with a messy atmosphere. Ahn Byung-jun was not in good shape because he injured his adductor muscle before training. We had a gap in the striker position and Acosti came on, but on the other hand, we struggled to attack because we didn’t have the resources on the flanks that we had planned. I think our players tried their best to score. We lost the game, but we did everything we could. I think it will motivate us for the future.

-Acosti on bringing on Jeon and Acosti after the start of the second half.

They were two of our strongest substitutes. We had to change our game plan due to injuries and players not feeling well. I thought it would be better to stay the course rather than make more changes. In the end, I think winning or losing makes a difference to your assessment of football.

-Why did you start Ahn Byung-jun when he was injured?

At the moment we are without Mulic. We don’t have a striker, so we didn’t have anyone to replace him.

-You’ve been playing better since your arrival, but you’re not producing results. Is there a reason for this?

The possibilities are endless. The journalists here are experts and I’m sure they know exactly what happened, but I don’t think I’m going to point to a single cause. If one missed chance leads to a goal, you can’t evaluate it, but if you keep conceding chances, you can talk about the cause. I think it’s just natural.

-How are you preparing for the summer transfer window?

I think there is a difference of opinion between the fans and the media, but the most important thing is money. You have to look for players within that range. It’s not easy to find good players in the summer transfer market. With that in mind, we have a list of players that we are in contact with.


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