‘Volleyball Preacher’ Yoon Bong-woo, who only walks the road that others do not go

“It is not enough to satisfy the customer. You have to please the customer.”

This is an aphorism left by Philip Kotler, a chair professor at the Kellogg School of Management, who is called the ‘Father of Marketing’. Marketing is an activity that arouses audience interest by creating something out of nothing in order to inform and activate a product or service. Providing impressive experiences is one of the most effective ways to achieve that goal, Professor Kotler sees.

The path Yoon Bong-woo (41), a volleyball player, is currently walking fits perfectly. He has pioneered a path that no one has taken and is realizing what no one has been able to put into action. His wish and goal is for many people to know the charm of volleyball.

Yoon Bong-woo is a legendary middle blocker (center) who recorded 907 blocks in 449 V-League (men’s) games, ranking fourth in history in this category. I played on the domestic stage until 2020, when I was thirty-nine years old, and in the 2020-21 season, I played in the Japanese league and showed my passion for volleyball.

After finishing his career as a player, Yoon Bong-woo now has two representative titles. He is a professional commentator for KBS N Sports Volleyball and the representative of the volleyball training center ‘It’s Bali’.

A solid path as a leader was guaranteed, but Yun Bong-woo chose the challenge. He created a volleyball academy that had never existed in Korea to nurture young volleyball players and expand the base. That’s Itzvali.

Yoon Bong-woo said, “Most of the teams in the Japanese league have their own youth teams. He said, “I thought it was necessary to introduce such a system in Korea as well. Many volleyball players had regrets about the domestic environment, but they were not willing to step forward to improve early. I wanted to challenge.”

Compared to the already active baseball, soccer, and basketball academies, volleyball was not even a role model. Yoon Bong-woo bumped into it with his bare hands. Of course, there were many difficulties. It opened in October 2021, but for the first three months, there was only one member. Yoon Bong

  • woo thought about the direction of development. Worked day and night to develop the staff and curriculum. Members gradually came. There were not only youth, but also adults and student athletes. After 5 months, the number increased to 150.

Yoon Bong-woo chose the challenge to settle down at the volleyball academy. Photo = Itzbali website

Yoon Bong-woo said, “As the number of students diversified, I had no choice but to tailor-made the training program. He has also increased his number of coaches to eight. To be honest, I can’t make money,” he smiled. Then, Yoon Bong-woo said, “I was very disappointed when a student with good physical condition was playing basketball instead of volleyball. What I can do is to publicize the joy of volleyball,” he raised his voice.

What Yoon Bong-woo is realizing can be seen as ‘experience marketing.’ Bong-woo

Yoon said, “It’s not something that can be said grandiosely as marketing. I’m trying to arouse curiosity about volleyball and motivate people to like it.” I majored in Sports Marketing at Chosun University Graduate School. It was difficult to find time because I was living in a dorm in Yongin, but I took classes on specific days of the week. Yoon Bong-woo said, “I thought it was not enough to understand sports just by learning it in the field. He had a thirst for study.”

He recently obtained a license for a coach course conducted by the International Volleyball Federation (FIVB) in Thailand.Bong-woo Yoon said, “I know that I am the first to obtain this license since Park Ki-won (former Korean Air) coach. I wanted to know what thoughts foreign coaches were guiding players, and I was also curious about how they distributed technical and physical training.”먹튀검증

Yoon Bong-woo pioneered a wasteland based on learning. From June 1st, he will be a lecturer at the ‘2023 IS Sports Marketing Summit Academy’ hosted by Ilgan Sports. Yoon Bong-woo said, “Honestly, I don’t have any lecture experience. “It’s a challenge for me,” he said with a smile, “I’m preparing a lecture with excitement. I want to tell you about what I know and what I am challenging.”


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