Training is the only way to live.” The determination of the legendary coach who did not give up on spring volleyball 

IBK Industrial Bank laughed for a long time. Libero Shin Yeon-kyung and Apposite Kim Hee-jin came back and fought as a full team, so there was nothing to be afraid of. 안전놀이터

Industrial Bank of Korea won a set score 3-0 in a home game against Dodram 2022-2023 V-League Pepper Savings Bank held at Hwaseong Sports Complex on the 26th. I had no worries throughout the match as I won every set perfectly. The face of IBK manager Kim Ho-cheol, who was wary of Pepper Savings Bank before the game, changed to a smile after the game.

Coach Kim said, “It’s not 100% what we wanted to do, but it went well.” “On the other hand, Pepper Savings Bank’s players seemed to be in poor physical condition. I was really worried because it was a good team, but I think our players did better.” .

The driving force that brought about the flow was that he succeeded in blocking as many as 8 times in the first set alone and neutralized the opponent’s will to attack. Coach Kim said, “Any team analyzes before the game and goes on the court. It depends on how well the players do, but today it went well.” He laughed, saying, “In the second set, the opponent seemed to change their attack route, so we changed our blocking, but they did the same.” .

He expressed his gratitude to Heejin Kim, who took a break from the previous two games and played full-time as a starter that day. Kim Hee-jin only scored 8 points with a 30% attack success rate that day, but the attacking options increased just by Kim Hee-jin being in the apositive position, and the overall attack worked out well.

Coach Kim said, “It’s not perfect because of the injury, but it was better because I played after taking two games off.”

I also did not forget to praise the libero Shin Yeon-kyung, who is playing even though her injury has not fully healed. He said, “As my body loosened up, my performance came out. I think that should be considered normal,” he said.

It is 6th, but it has not yet given up on spring volleyball. You should see the match in rounds 5 and 6. Coach Kim smiled, saying, “Everyone wants spring volleyball, but even if you can’t play spring volleyball, you have to show the fans that you did your best.”


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