There was no change’ Samsung Fire & Marine Ikbairi 117km, Spike Serve King

There was no change. ‘Prince of Libya’ Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance’s Iqbairi won the Spike Serve King.

In the Dodram 2022-2023 V-League 스포츠토토 All-Star Game Spike Serve King Contest held at Incheon Samsan World Gymnasium on the 29th, Ikbairi recorded 117km/h, beating Kim Ji-han and Leo to become the Spike Serve King.

Ikbairi, who recorded 118km/h in the preliminary match held the previous day, surpassed Leo and ranked first, and reached the final, but Leo, who seemed to be competing for the serve king, stopped at 108km/h, reducing the burden.

Ikbairi, who participated next, confirmed the championship by recording 117 km/h from the first period. He tried to set a new record of 123 km/h, which was held by Moon Seong-min, but failed to break it as he got out of line.

In an interview after the award ceremony, Ikbairi said, “I feel good because I won the sub-contest, and I am grateful that many fans came to enjoy and had a good time, and I will enjoy the rest of the time.”

Ikbairi, who said, “Of course, was Leo,” as to the player who was most checked, said, “I thought Leo or I could win this contest because he had a really good serve and a lot of serve aces in the game, but I was lucky. It was good,” he said.

Regarding the prize money, he said, “I want to use all the prize money with my Samsung Fire & Marine team members. The team members helped me to come to the All-Star Game and cheered me on, so I will use it with my team members.”


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