The second Enzo Fernandez praised “Real-Barsa-Liverpool level”

The ‘second Enzo Fernandez’ has appeared.바카라사이트

Enzo Fernandez (22) rewrote the history of English Premier League (EPL) transfer fees in the transfer market last winter. Enzo changed his uniform from Benfica to Chelsea, and the transfer fee was a whopping 107 million pounds (approximately 163 billion won), the highest transfer fee in the Premier League.

Benfica lost a key player in the middle of the season, but made huge profits. It is not only because of the transfer fee that Benfica decided to sell Enzo. Benfica already has a replacement for Enzo, and Florentino Luis (20) is the main character.

Luis was born in Portugal and grew up with Benfica youth. He made his first-team debut in 2019 and went on loan to AS Monaco and Getafe. In particular, he has grown rapidly since his Getafe days in the 2021-22 season, and this season he has played 20 league games. He played a central role as Enzo’s partner and was in charge of the team’s back.

Lewis is a defensive midfielder who excels at ball cutting and one-on-one defense. He stays behind to protect the defense, and depending on the situation, he even joins the opponent’s box to add strength to the attack. He also has passing ability, so he also participates in the 1st build-up. It is evaluated that he plays calmly unlike his young age.

Former Benfica coach Joao Tralhao praised Luiz. According to the British ‘Sports Bible’, coach Trallhao said, “He is the player all coaches want. I once told him I watch the game 2 seconds before everyone else. He said that his defensive qualities and positioning skills are excellent.”

“He is having a great season. He can play anywhere, be it Real Madrid, Barcelona or Liverpool, and he will have no problems adapting.” The global media ‘Goal.com’ even called Lewis ‘the second Enzo’.


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