‘The most goals in the 2023 Bundesliga is me!’ Lee Jae-seong, another 1 goal and 1 help… 3 consecutive attack points

Lee Jae-seong (31, Mainz), who plays an active role in the German Bundesliga, scored three consecutive offensive points with one goal and one assist.스포츠토토

Lee Jae-sung started in the 2022-2023 German Bundesliga round 22 home game against Borussia Mönchengladbach at the Meva Arena in Mainz, Germany on the 25th and helped Mainz win 4-0 by adding to the preemptive goal. Lee Jae-seong, who scored two goals in the 20th round home game (3-1 win) against Augsburg on the 11th and assisted in the 21st round away match (3-2 win) against Leverkusen on the 20th, attacked in 3 consecutive games. accumulated points. Lee Jae-sung’s offensive points in the league this season reached double digits with 7 goals and 3 assists.

In particular, since the 2022 Qatar World Cup ended and the league resumed last month, he has been on a steep rise, recording 5 goals and 2 assists in 7 games. In the Bundesliga, no player has scored more goals than Lee Jae-sung in 2023.

Mainz, who won all of the last 3 games where Lee Jae-sung raised attack points, rose from 9th to 7th out of 18 teams with 32 points (9 wins, 5 draws, 8 losses).

In the 3-4-2-1 formation, Lee Jae-seong, who was in charge of the second line attack, broke the balance with his head. In the 25th minute of the first half, Danny Da Costa’s cross from the opponent’s right flank was headed by Lee Jae-sung, who jumped high from the right side of the goal area to open the goal. Mainz ran away with three more goals in the second half. Lee Jae-seong also helped Azorc’s debut goal in the Bundesliga in the 27th minute of the second half. Lee Jae-sung, who was driving the ball from the opponent’s left flank, passed a pass to Azorque, who was digging into the left side of the penalty area, and Azorc shook the net with a left-footed non-stop shot.

In the 29th minute of the second half, Lee Jae-seong was replaced by Aymen Barkok and returned to the bench.

Whoscored.com, a soccer statistics site, gave Lee Jae-seong, who played 74 minutes, the second highest rating of 8.1 after Azork (8.2 points).


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