The mood to finally leave Chelsea… “In principle, an oral agreement is made”

Hakim Ziyech (29, Chelsea) is finally leaving. He had already been classified as a ‘release target’ since last January, and his transfer has been canceled for various reasons in the meantime. It is known that he has already left for Turkiye.메이저놀이터

Multiple media outlets such as Britain’s ‘The Times’, ‘The Sun’, Turkiye’s ‘Ajanspor’ and ‘Aspor’ said on the 16th (Korean time), “Ji Hye-he will finally leave Chelsea and join Galatasaray.” It is known that an agreement has been reached, and they are now boarding a plane to receive a medical test.”

Ziyech’s departure this summer seemed like a fait accompli. He has already received a ‘notice of release’ since last year, and he, too, has been looking for a transfer because he is not satisfied with his life at Chelsea. With the arrival of manager Mauricio Pochettino (51, Argentina) ahead of the new season, there were predictions that his position could change, but nothing changed. Following his exclusion from the US pre-season tour, he was not even included in the opening day squad.

Throughout the summer, Ziyech has been linked with interest from the likes of Newcastle United, Everton, Napoli, Inter Milan and AC Milan. However, it did not lead to concrete negotiations, so the transfer was difficult. At the end of last month, he received a ‘love call’ from Al Nasr and discussed it, but his transfer was canceled as he failed the medical test due to a knee problem.

In the end, Ziyech fell into the status of a ‘nakdong river duck egg’, but it was Galatasaray who was extensively reinforcing the squad after participating in the UEFA Champions League (UCL) this season. As the individual agreement as well as the transfer fee agreement have already been concluded, the transfer is likely. However, because of the chronic knee problem, passing the medical test is the ‘biggest issue’.

Ziyech is a midfielder who wore a Chelsea kit in the summer of 2020. As he showed great performances during his time at Ajax, many expectations were raised at the time of his joining. However, he did not show off his skills as much as he used to. He was often intimidating with his decisive kicks, but had trouble adapting to the wild and fast tempo of the English Premier League (EPL). To make matters worse, he suffered frequent injuries.

After all, as time passed, Jiyeh’s position diminished. In fact, he was thoroughly ‘shunned’ under former coach Thomas Tuchel (49, Germany), and has not changed much since former coach Graham Porter (48, England) took over in September last year. As a result, he played a total of 107 games (14 goals, 13 assists) at Chelsea, and the average playing time was only 49.7 minutes. He was effectively a ‘backup’ member.

Meanwhile, Ziyech was about to go to Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) during the winter transfer market in January. At the time, he had reached all agreements, and the transfer process was almost finished, leaving only an official announcement. However, the transfer was canceled for administrative reasons as Chelsea failed to submit the documents to the secretariat due to late submission of the documents on the transfer window deadline.


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