The largest ever ‘Lotte World Tower Vertical Marathon’ 

On the 22nd, ‘SKY RUN’, a vertical marathon competition that climbs a total of 2917 stairs to the 123rd floor observatory of Lotte World Tower, was held on the largest scale ever.

In this competition, which was held without masks for the first time in four years, 1,200 people participated in the competition category alone and a total of 2,000 people including the non-competition category. 온라인카지노

The participants gathered at the starting place in the arena square on the 1st floor of Lotte World Tower did warm-up exercises such as rhythm yoga while waiting for their turn to start.

In the non-competitive part, a variety of citizens participated, from the elderly with reduced mobility to children striding up knee-high stairs.

The contestants started off on the first floor, arrived on the 102nd floor sweating, replenished water at the water fountain, and walked up to the observation deck on the 123rd floor where the finish line was.

The finishers who reached the finish line received their medals and enjoyed the joy of taking commemorative photos with the view from the top floor overlooking Seoul at a glance.

Meanwhile, in the competition category, Kim Chang-hyun (male first place, 19 minutes 46 seconds) and Jeong Hye-ran (female first place, 24 minutes 28 seconds) won the championship.


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