The final blow missed by Lee Chang-ho, 9th Dan

 The year 2005 was the year the ranking system was introduced to the domestic professional Go world. The first ranking announced in August of that year was Lee Chang-ho, 9th Dan. Even though there was no ranking system when he was enjoying his heyday, Lee Chang-ho, 9th Dan, took first place 22 times. 먹튀검증

In August 2005, Won Seong-jin’s 9-dan ranking was 6th. Won Seong-jin, 9th Dan, who once climbed to the top 2nd place (November 2010), is currently in 8th place. What is eye-catching is that it was ranked 8th in April 2013, exactly 10 years ago. It is worthy of being synonymous with consistency.

The current ranking of Chang-ho Lee, 9th, is 75th. Sewol is free (the highest rank among articles born in the 1970s). Lee Chang-ho, 9th Dan, faced off against Won Seong-jin, 9th Dan, in the 2023 YK Gungi Cup Final League Round 4, 3 games held at the Baduk TV Studio on the afternoon of the 12th.

“I really wanted to win because I had to win to be able to aim for the middle rank, but I practically gave up in the mid-to-late half. I think I was able to win luckily after following step by step.” (Won Seong-jin, 9th Dan)

“I thought I didn’t want to, but I thought it was a good thing at the time because the pavement worked well. I think I lost a lot while organizing it.” (Lee Chang-ho 9th Dan)


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