“The best scene of the WBC that has already been released” ‘The Catch’ that made Taiwan freeze

World Baseball Classic (WBC) Round 1 Group A, Game 1. In the 5th inning when they were trailing 0-5, Taiwanese leading batsman Chung Zongjeo hit a ball deep into the middle right wall. Panamanian right fielder Luis Castillo and center fielder Jose Ramos ran frantically after the ball. Castillo reached out and caught the ball, but it appeared to collide heavily with Ramos and the two fell to the field. It was a dizzying situation where serious injuries were feared beyond winning or losing. 바카라사이트

However, Castillo and Ramos brushed themselves off and stood up as if nothing had happened. As Castillo rose to the ball, Ramos wrapped his arms around his waist. Thanks to Ramos’ catch, Castillo was able to avoid the impact of hitting the ground immediately and not miss the ball that went into the glove until the end. Jung Joong-je, who had run all the way to home with a mindset of just in case, had to return to the dugout with a dejected expression. Taiwan’s will to chase was broken at once by Panama’s defense.

Panama coach Luis Otis praised Castillo and Ramos in an interview after the match, saying, “It was a hell of a catch.” Coach Otis said of Castillo, who did not miss the ball until the end, “He is a very good outfielder. He was a center fielder, but he is a little older now,” and praised again, saying, “It was a really great play.”

MLB.com praised Castillo’s defense, saying, “Maybe the best defense in the WBC has already come out.”


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