The 1st Hanwha Eagles Volleyball All-Star Game was well-received and praised… Fair selection and thorough preparation made for a great game

The inaugural High School vs College All-Star Game, organised by Hanwha Eagles in collaboration with the Korea Baseball Softball Association (KBSA), came to a successful conclusion with a 6-6 tie after 10 extra innings.먹튀검증

Held at the Hanwha Life Eaglespark in Daejeon on the 6th, the All-Star Game was a preview of the future stars of professional baseball. It also attracted a lot of attention because it was a matchup between high school and college players that had never been seen before.

In fact, the event was expected to be a box office flop, as it was scheduled to be broadcast on Memorial Day by the three major networks. With the game times completely overlapping, there was a lot of concern that it would be a sloppy affair. The stadium was packed with about 1,000 spectators. That’s no small number for a baseball tournament.

There are many reasons why the tournament was a success. The first and foremost is the fair selection of players. This is something that cannot be done by professional clubs without a conflict of interest. The heads of the scouting teams of the 10 clubs came together to select the best high school and college players. The tense draw between the two teams is the biggest proof that the selection was done right.

The second is the marketing ability of the professional team. The Hanwha Eagles marketing team created a great teaser video, and the stadium management and promotion were second to none. The game was broadcast live on the Eagles’ YouTube channel, Eagles TV. The Hanwha Eagles enhanced the quality of the live broadcast by hiring the team’s legendary commentator Kim Tae-gyun, baseball reporter Lee Jae-guk, and announcer Jung Yong-gum. More than 5,000 fans tuned in to watch the game.

Lastly, we made sure to motivate the players. Not only did Hanwha invite the team managers of the 10 clubs to the game, but also the managers of Kia and Lotte. Kia CEO Shim Jae-hak, Lotte CEO Sung Min-kyu, and SSG CEO Kim Sung-yong visited the stadium. The presence of so many professional officials is not enough to motivate the players. In addition, various events and awards were held to motivate the players.

The seats were open to fans for free. The Hanwha Eagles also operated some food, beverage, and merchandise outlets for baseball fans.

The preliminary and final rounds of the home run race were held before the start of the game and during clean-up time, allowing fans to see the long-hitting power of the prospects. Bae Kang (Gwangju Ilgo), who qualified for the final with four home runs in the preliminary round, hit three home runs in the final to win the title over Kim Sang-hwi (Chung-Ang University), who topped the preliminary round with seven home runs.

The final game ended in a draw for both teams. The MVP of the inaugural tournament was College All-Star Team outfielder Jeon Damin (Youngdong University), who tied the game with a three-run triple with two outs in the bottom of the ninth inning when the score was 5-6.

Other honourable mentions went to Lee Seung-min of Whimungo, Park Ki-ho of Cheongju and Park Ki-ho of Cheongju, and Park Ji-hwan of Seadoo as the high school pitcher MVP.

Songwon University’s Jung Hyun-soo was named the college pitcher MVP and Chung-Ang University’s Go Dae-nyi was named the college hitter MVP.

The All-Star Game will not end this year. Next year, and the year after that, Hanwha will continue to organise the tournament.


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