‘Thank you Lakers’ Russell, can play in Utah

D’Angelo Russell (27) was fortunately not seriously injured.

The Lakers team announced an injury report before the game against the Utah Jazz on the morning of the 4th (Korean time). The roster included Russell, Anthony Davis, LeBron James, Mo Bamba and Scottie Pippen Jr.

Russell missed the second half of the game against the Houston Rockets on the 3rd due to left foot pain. At the time, Russell had no visible injuries. Therefore, there were concerns about his long-term injury, but coach Davin Ham soon revealed that it was for injury prevention. In addition, the Lakers team also set Russell as a player with a high possibility of participating.

Russell, who joined right before the trade deadline, went 10-4 in 14 games for the Lakers this season. He played an average of 30 minutes per game, recording 17.1 points, 3 rebounds and 6.3 assists, a field goal success rate of 47.5% (12.9 attempts), a three-point success rate of 39.8% (6.3 attempts), and a free throw success rate of 75% (3.1 attempts).

Therefore, when Russell plays on the field, he boasts excellent performance. In addition, Russell works well with LeBron and Davis, making it easy to create rotations.

Meanwhile, Davis was put on the roster due to a strained right foot, but he was set up as a player with a high possibility of playing along with Russell. However, LeBron’s participation is uncertain due to right foot pain.

The Lakers face a back-to-back game against the Los Angeles Clippers after their game against Utah. And the regular season ends with a game against the Phoenix Suns and Utah.

Since the Clippers and Phoenix are strong teams that cannot guarantee victory, the Lakers were put in a situation where they had to win two games against Utah unconditionally. Therefore, the three players are likely to play in the game against Utah. 카지노사이트


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