Sweeper who learned from Roh Si-hwan… Pedy “I don’t think I need to learn…”

The pitcher who heated up the KBO league the most in the first half was NC Dinos foreign pitcher Eric Peddy (30).바카라사이트

In 15 starts in the first half, Peddy was 12-2, 89⅔innings, 109 strikeouts, and an average ERA of 1.71, leading the most wins and average ERA alone.

He incapacitated the KBO League batter with a powerful ball exceeding 150 km per hour and sophisticated control, with a deformable slider, sweeper (slider with severe horizontal movement) at the fore.

While several pitchers who had played against NC visited Peddy and asked for instruction on the sweeper, even Noh Si-hwan (22, Hanwha Eagles) joined in the all-star game home run race held at Sajik Stadium in Busan on the 14th.

Prior to participating in the home run race, Noh Si-hwan learned how to grip and throw from Peddy.

Peddy also corrected Noh Si-hwan’s hand movements and taught him seriously.

After Noh Si-hwan left, Peddie smiled, saying, “Noh Si-hwan is a great hitter, so you don’t have to learn (sweeper throwing).”

When I tipped off to Peddy, ‘I threw close to 150 km per hour in high school,’ he was surprised and admitted, “Then it’s worth learning.”

Peddie is enjoying the festival by inviting his entire family to Korea ahead of the All-Star Game.

Her grandmother, father, mother, younger brother, and even Pedi’s girlfriend and friend led the ‘big squad’ and felt the all-star eve at Sajik Stadium in Busan.

Peddy was excited, saying, “It’s really, really fun. It’s great to be able to enjoy and experience the All-Star Game in a format different from the major leagues.”

Peddy’s father, Scott Peddy, came to Korea this time while serving as an active firefighter in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.

Recently, he made a surprise visit to the Changwon and Masan Fire Stations to encourage the firefighters and even give them small gifts.

Peddie proudly said, “As expected, he is like my father. He is still full of passion.”

When asked if he dreamed of becoming a firefighter when he was young, he smiled broadly, saying, “Firefighting is a really cool job. I think I want to try (firefighting) later.”

Peddy, who is scheduled to appear in the All-Star game on the 15th wearing a Nanum All-Star uniform, turned his gaze back to the home run race, saying, “I’m really looking forward to it.”


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