Sungkyunkwan University, which predicted a change, “will change in offense and defense”

Sungkyunkwan University, which recorded 3 wins and 3 losses in the first 6 games, predicted a change.

Sungkyunkwan University’s season started off badly. We met Dongguk University from the opening game and lost unfortunately. After that, it was unfortunately lost to Yonsei University by 7 points. However, after that, he quickly recorded three consecutive victories and got on the mood. Although it was disappointing to lose to Yonsei University after three consecutive victories, it was at the beginning of the season that they managed to rebound.

In response, Sungkyunkwan University coach Kim Sang-joon said in a telephone interview with this magazine, “There were many games that were regrettable. At first, I couldn’t keep it even after reversing because I didn’t have enough back spirit. I was so sorry about that. Still, as time went on, my back heart got better,” he said, looking back at the beginning of the season.

He continued, “At first, the players’ hands and feet didn’t fit well. Still, the organization continues to improve while playing the game. In the meantime, the empty part was covered,” he said, emphasizing the team’s organizational power.

Afterward, when asked about the team’s regrets, coach Kim said, “Our tempo has not yet come out in the attack. The defense is improving, but the players are not tall enough. I am physically burdened in the running part.”

However, “I am sure that the more I play the game, the better it will get. I gained confidence and filled in the parts I lacked through practice. The defense is also very different from a kid who always played and a kid who didn’t. The pressure and the return are getting better overall.”

Sungkyunkwan University, who played the first six games, had a short break for the midterm exam. When asked about the plan to director Kim, he said, “I took a break for now. They even gave everyone a night out so they could spend comfortably. In practice, I focused on individual skills rather than running. The overall amount of exercise also decreased. And it seems that the fraud has gone up a lot. (Laughter)” he replied.

And “After the break, we have a match against Chung-Ang University. We have to focus on that,” he added.

Also, “Our basketball is a bit obvious. I’m doing what I always do. So this time I’m going to make a little change. We will prepare a few more things in defense. Attacks will also change. The key is that the players adapt quickly. Then we will become a stronger team.” 먹튀검증

He did not forget to praise the players. Director Kim said, “(Jeong) Bae Kwon lifted them up during Kondaejeon. He’s playing a really big role in karate. (Min) Ki-nam has also improved a lot. (Lee) Geon-hyung, a sophomore, is also looking for confidence. The season is long. That’s why the Six Men have to do more. It is a process that is now coming up. Overall, everyone is growing,” he encouraged the players.


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