Sungkyunkwan University OBs share their heartfelt words to their juniors after 4 years together

Basketball players from Sungkyunkwan University gathered at Hanyang University.

On the 16th, many Sungkyunkwan University OBs gathered at Hanyang University’s Olympic Gymnasium for the 2023 KUSF University Basketball U-League game between Sungkyunkwan University and Hanyang University, including Sports TV basketball commentator Lee Sang-yoon, who commentated on the game. They were there to support the active Sungkyunkwan University players.

In addition to Coach Lee Sang-yoon (82), there were about 20 alumni, including Park Jong-ha, who played in the game, Park Sang-wook (90), who is the father of Park So-hee (Hana Won-Q), the WKBL’s Rookie of the Year last season, and Park Kyu-hoon (94), Kim Jong-hong and Lee Hong-bae (both 96), Kim Bum-joon (99), Lim Hyo-sung (00), and Kim Tae-hyung (07).먹튀검증

Seowon professor Kim Bum-joon ’99 led the gathering.

He said, “We are all alumni of Sungkyunkwan University’s basketball team. From Mr. Lee Sang-yoon, who commentated, to the seniors and coaches who are coaching on the field, we gathered together. We usually meet once or twice a year, but there was a game for the juniors, so we came and cheered them on even though it was a weekday. We used to do this often, but due to COVID-19, we couldn’t visit the stadium for about four years, and now we’re back.”

Sungkyunkwan University, which was tied for fifth place with Hanyang University, lost the game 68-82. The team played evenly in the first quarter, but fell apart after the third quarter. It was an important game for the rankings, but the team missed easy shots and committed turnovers in the second half. After the game, Sungkyunkwan University head coach Kim Sang-jun criticized his players, pointing out more things that went wrong.

“It would have been nice to win, but there are times when you do well and times when you don’t,” he said. “Regardless of the win or loss, it is meaningful to see and support the juniors. It’s not the end of the season yet, and we just need to do better. As a senior, I think it would be helpful for the juniors if we cheered them on, encouraged them, and even gave them a little money so that they could eat something delicious when they came to the stadium,” he laughed.

“I think they want to do well, too, but it didn’t work out. I think the coach reprimanded the players after the game because the content of the game was different from what he asked from the bench, but if they don’t forget the things that were pointed out to them today and work hard as the coach leads them, it will be an opportunity for them to do better in the future.”

Kim hasn’t been able to cheer for her juniors in person for several years due to COVID-19, but now she plans to get back into the game.

“For those of you who are in the field, you can still see juniors and students, but there are also many alumni in the industry. Still, I want to make time to support and encourage them. The players must have been unfamiliar with us today, as we haven’t seen them for about four years due to COVID-19. They must have thought it was difficult rather than welcoming,” he said.

“In the past, we gathered at the gymnasium of our natural science campus in Suwon, but this time, due to scheduling conflicts, we gathered at an away game at Hanyang University. Next time, we plan to visit and encourage the players according to their schedules.”

Professor Kim Bum-joon, who said that he will continue to organize gatherings to support the juniors, also thanked the alumni who actively participated in the event to encourage the juniors.

He said, “For this event, we gathered for more than 80 minutes through SNS and messenger. We had to collect dues to encourage the juniors and prepare for the event, but more than 70% of them actively participated even though they couldn’t attend in person. Coaches Lee Han-kwon (Hana One Q) and Jin Kyung-seok (KB) were going to attend, but they couldn’t make it due to team training. There are many people who have left the basketball field now, but they are all doing well in the industrial field, so I was proud of them and thankful for their efforts.”

“Other schools have alumni associations, but we’ve been getting together for a long time, and I’m proud to say that we’re closer than any other alumni. When we get together, we have a lot of friendly and casual conversations, starting with the president, and we will continue to make it easier for the juniors who are graduating.”

For the juniors who are currently playing in the college league, he said, “The environment and conditions are very different from the past when we were playing basketball. I hope that the players will quickly absorb the trends of today’s era and think a lot about ‘how can I improve’.”

“The coaches are giving a lot of thought, effort and guidance, but the players need to realize and accept it to grow. Especially nowadays, they have a bigger role to play. Our juniors are doing a great job, and it’s really hard to juggle academics and athletics, but I hope they will focus on it in depth and grow even more in the future.”


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