The Go Mecca Uijeongbu and Ulsan Korea Zinc, which faced on the evening of the 9th, are mid- and low-ranking teams in the Sudam League. The flow is different, so while Go government is showing signs of rebounding after starting with 3 consecutive wins, Ulsan Korea Zinc has stagnated after starting with 3 consecutive wins.

In the first half of the match, Ulsan Korea Zinc, a team of 1 to 3 players, won 3-1. The second half faced a completely different lineup from the first half. As a result, Ulsan Korea Zinc won again with a score of 3-2 in the time loss happening.

In the comrade matchup, 2nd pick Choi Jeong 9th dan defeated Lee Won-young 9th dan and 3rd pick Seol Hyun-joon 8th dan defeated Hong Moo-jin 6th dan, 1-1. raised

The 34th place in the rankings defeated the 5th place, and it was the first win after two losses in the opponent. In addition, it was Shin Min-jun, 9th Dan, who has won 8 consecutive wins in all competitions, including 4 consecutive victories in the KB League over the past month. 바카라

The game, which seemed to be won 3-1 by the government of Baduk Mecca with ‘Minjong Moon’s Hero Match’, suddenly changed when an unexpected accident occurred right before the end in which No. did.

Because the clock was not pressed after landing, the remaining time of about 20 seconds continued to flow even during the opponent’s turn to land. Ji-seok Kim, 9th dan, was not aware of this mistake until the end. At that time, the situation was about 1 and a half to 2 houses.

21st time loss of the season. It’s the first time I forgot to press the clock. From this season, as the player changed to the way to operate the hand clock, there were occasional scenes where he taught opponents who did not press the clock, and Park Hyun-soo, 5th dan in this edition, seemed to quickly land a spot, realizing that his time, which had been concentrated in countdown, was calling.

The team match led to the ace match, and as time went on, it passed midnight. In the ‘2 Days Without Night’ match, which was the 12th match in 12 matches and the 12th in the entire season, a return match was held, and Shin Min-joon, 9th Dan, avenged the loss he suffered two hours earlier to Moon Min-jong, 6th Dan, with a neat story.

It was the 5th ace match. The report cards are quite different, with Ulsan Korea Zinc winning 3 wins and 2 losses, and Baduk Mecca Uijeongbu losing all 5 matches. As a result of the match, the rankings of the two teams were also swapped.

On the evening of the 10th, Nippon Kiwon and Jeonggwanjang Cheonnok will play 3 matches of the 6th round of the Sudam League. The individual matchups were Koike Yoshihiro-Hong Sung-ji, Onishi Ryuhei-Byeon Sang-il, Fukuoka Kotaro-Kwon Hyo-jin, Jang Louise-Kim Jeong-hyeon. All proceed to the first confrontation.


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