Strong roots, the driving force that supports Hyundai Mobis

There is a proverb that there is no tree without roots, meaning that everything has a root. They have firmly rooted, and are about to bloom on the old tree.

Hyundai Mobis recorded 25 points, 20 rebounds, 6 steals and 5 assists in the EVISU SPORTS Cup 2023 The K Employee Basketball League (www.kbasket.kr) 1st Group A qualifying round held at a gym near Gwanak-gu, Seoul on the 8th. Led by Park Il-hyeon (11 points, 4 assists, 3 rebounds) and Kim Woo-bin (9 points, 7 rebounds, 3 blocked shots), they held the Baedal Minjok 57-41 and won two consecutive victories.

It proved that anything can be done if the roots are strong. Jung Joo-won established himself as the ace representing the team, and new young players such as Son Dong-yoon (7 points and 4 rebounds), Lee Sang-mok (5 rebounds), and Kim Woo-bin energized the team along with Lee Seok-won. Jeong Kyu-deuk and Park Seong-mook (3 points), who showed up after a long time, revived the spirit of the juniors to the fullest. Park Il-hyun even took on the role of Jung Hoon-hee, who did not show up due to personal circumstances, and showed a greater sense of responsibility than before, leading his colleagues.

In Baedal Minjok, Lee Seong-guk (9 points, 2 3-point shots) lowered the proportion of attack by himself, but he made more use of his teammates such as Kang Ji-han (7 points, 10 rebounds), Kim Dong-wook (6 points, 7 rebounds), and Lee Jae-eon (7 points). Raised. Ham Jin-hyung, Lim Jun-hyeon, Ahn Jun-yong, Yoo-hyung, and Jeong Jin-hyeok took turns supporting their teammates. All 13 players, including Kang Min-seong, Park Ye-joon, Kwon Oh-kyung, Shin Jae-wook, and Kwon Oh-kyung, were faithful to their roles. However, the opponent’s main scorer, Jung Joo-won, could not be stopped, so the first win had to be delayed.

From the beginning, Hyundai Mobis pushed hard. Jung Joo-won took the lead. He aggressively dug under the opponent’s goal and scored a shot from the mid-range. It is a bonus that he showed off his high sensitivity and concentration by making 6 out of 8 free throws he made in the first quarter. In the midst of Jung Joo-won’s performance, Son Dong-yoon, Park Il-hyun, and even Kim Woo-bin stepped up and shook the nation’s defense organization.  

The People of Baedal also did not stand still. On the 26th of last month, it was quite different from when I faced Hyundai Motors Namyang R&D Center B. Lee Seong-guk made a 3-point shot, and Ham Jin-hyung, Kang Ji-han, and Kim Dong-wook stepped up and responded to the opponent’s offensive. In addition, the newly joined young players such as Lee Jae-eon and Yoo-hyeong showed off their skills to the fullest and responded head-on to the opponent’s offensive.

The tense atmosphere did not last long. In the second quarter, Hyundai Mobis pulled the pendulum little by little. Joo-Won Jung and Woo-Bin Kim persistently dug under the goal, while Seok-Won Lee and Il-Hyun Park helped out by crossing the inside and outside. Most of all, it was great that he made full use of his fast-breaking ability thanks to his consistent superiority in the rebound battle.

In Baedal Minjok, Kang Ji-han penetrated the gaps in the opponent’s defense, and Kang Min-seong and Kim Dong-wook worked hard. Yoo Hyung, Ahn Jun-yong, and Lee Seong-guk worked hard on dirty work and raised their morale. However, it was difficult to close the gap due to the poor shooting success rate.

In the second half, the people of delivery showed strength. Kang Min-seong and Lee Seong-guk dug into gaps, and Lee Jae-eon made a 3-point shot. Yoo Hyung, Jinhyeok Jeong, and Jaewook Shin received applause from their colleagues for their unrelenting appearance along with Jihan Kang and Jinhyung Ham. Lim Jun-hyun, who had been focusing on coaching, also actively participated in the rebound fight on the court.

For Hyundai Mobis, Jung Joo-won, Son Dong-yoon, and Kim Woo-bin took the lead. In particular, Kim Woo-bin played a role as Jeong Joo-won’s partner. I kicked the rebound from under the goal and repeated the opponent’s attack. The breakthrough power shown throughout the first half was enough to shake the opponent’s defense. Jeong Kyu-deuk and Lee Sang-mok did not hesitate to support these performances.

In the fourth quarter, Hyundai Mobis ran away. Park Il-hyun made a 3-point shot, and Son Dong-yoon and Kim Woo-bin scored. Jung Joo-won focused on using the scoring ability of his teammates rather than scoring. It is in preparation for when the opponent’s defense rushes to you.

In Baedal Minjok, Lee Seong-guk made a successful 3-point shot, and Lim Jun-hyeon, Lee Jae-eon, and Jeong Jin-hyeok helped Lee Seong-guk from the side. Kang Ji-han and Kim Dong-wook squeezed out their last strength to support their teammates. However, it was not enough to bridge the gap. Instead of calling in Park Il-Hyeon, Hyundai Mobis Park Seong-Muk scored a 3-point shot, and Son Dong-Yoon and Kim Woo-Bin scored consecutively to seal the game.

Meanwhile, Il-Hyun Park, commander-in-chief of Hyundai Mobis, who led the team with 11 points, 4 assists and 3 rebounds, was selected as the EVISU SOPRTS (https://www.evisusports.com/) MATCH MVP for this match. He said, “Instead of sticking with his older brothers, new players are joining and competing without a training course. Now, it is a process of building organizational skills while playing,” he said. It will get better as time goes on,” he said, referring to the process of starting anew. 카지노사이트

Literally. Young players such as Kim Seung-wan, Kim Woo-bin, Son Dong-yoon, and Park Han-sang have newly joined, and Hyundai Mobis has lowered the average age. Naturally, Park Il-hyun himself should pay attention to coordination rather than scoring. He said, “It is literally. It is an area of ​​coordination. My ability to score goals is not the same as before. My role is to find out where we can do better than our opponent. We talk a lot with each other, and I think an outline will come out by the end of the season,” he said about what he had to do.

The biggest advantage of Hyundai Mobis is that it has an ace to trust and entrust to Jeong Ju-won. He also agreed with this, saying, “It is an advantage to be able to run well while being tall. As you can see from the record, the number of free throws won will be the highest.”

However, on the contrary, the number of 3-point attempts and successful attempts fell noticeably. This is because new players have strength in breaking through rather than shooting. Park Il-hyun himself knew it well. He said, “(Lee) Hyung-jong, who was a shooter, is out in the United States, so there are not many players who can throw a shot. This is also a filling process. No matter what the success rate is, I will have to adjust so that the attempts themselves increase so that I can have confidence.”

He continued, “Attacking in the mid-range can also be a way. There are many talented players. I think I can make a lot of attempts if I make a good pattern to save space and give a good pass from the weakside. And if our opponents also have our strengths, it is easy to see through, so we will run the game with a different direction.”

As mentioned earlier, Hyundai Mobis is currently trying to be reborn. He said, “When the older brothers played as the main axis, each of them divided their roles rather than individual greed and produced good results based on the pass. We need time to build trust and create our own color,” he said. “We don’t know the color of the new players yet. I think we will be able to set the direction only when we go through the process of collecting data together.”

In addition, “I hope you don’t get hurt first. There are many injuries in the team. (Jung) Hoon-hee hyung would like to take care of himself, and player Kim Seong-hwan was injured while training. After conveying his wishes, saying, “I wish you a speedy recovery,” he said, “I want to run the game so that all participating players can feel a sense of belonging as a team. Since it is a league of office workers, it is most important that everyone is together. When anyone enters the court in a way that helps the team, I will give each person a role that suits them. Regardless of the result, we will play a game that everyone can be satisfied with,” he said about the direction the team wants to move.


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