Snowboard Choi Ga-on returns to Korea… “Call Chloe Kim”

Choi Ga-on, who reached the top of the snowboard superpipe in the representative extreme sports competitions X-game and Dutour, returned home yesterday (7th).

Gaon Choi, born in 2008, emerged as a snowboarding prodigy by breaking the record of the youngest player ever to win championships set by Chloe Kim in both competitions. 바카라

In an interview on his return to Korea, Choi Ga-on expressed her joy, saying, “Chloe Kim contacted me saying that she is doing well.”

Choi Ga-on, who had limited participation in the international stage due to her young age, is expected to participate in the International Ski Federation World Cup stage from the 2023-2024 season.


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