Simultaneous occupation of Bankshot, PBA, and LPBA. Kang Min-gu 4 out of 5 with 16 bank shots

Kang Min-gu shot 29 bank shots in the semi-finals and final 2 games of the ‘2023 Wellbang PBA Championship’ held on the 24th, winning 4 out of 5 championships in 5 finals.

In the LPBA finals that ended on the 23rd, Lim Jung-sook reached the top with 10 bank shots and was called the ‘Queen of Bank Shots’.

The two-point bank shot is unique to the PBA. In the World Cup or World Championships, one point is the same whether it is one bank or three bank.

So, PBA and LPBA pros hone bank shots that can run fast and use them when they are decisive, but on the other hand, it is also the first challenge for amateurs to make their professional debut.

Kang Min-goo changed the flow to the bank shot in the 5th set and rode the flow to the top.

Kang Min-goo, who gave her the first set at 14:15 after a set score fight, won every even set to make it 2-2, but was dragged by 0-1, 1-2.

After losing the 5th set, she eventually lost the 7th set and was then runner-up again.

By the fifth inning, he had been pushed to 2:9. I only hit one bank shot in 2 innings and played 3 consecutive innings.

But he stood 6 innings, the bank shot he was waiting for. He was the way he usually practiced. It was 4:9 with one hit, 6:9 with two hits, and 8:9 with three hits.

Seeing Kang Min-goo chasing after him with a big step, Eung-go was mesmerized by two consecutive innings of empty hits.

Kang Min-goo succeeded in another two bank shots in 7 innings and eventually climbed to the top with ‘5 innings, 6 bank shots, 12 points’ as a stepping stone.

Kang Min-goo scored 13 bank shots in the semi-final against Jo Jae-ho that day and won 4-1 come-from-behind. 4 in the 3rd set and 5 in the 4th set were final blows.

He shot 16 in the final. The first set was lost because there was only one, and the second set was won because there were four. The 3rd set was lost by not being able to hit one, but the 4th set was won even if one was hit.

The 5th set that made the flow of reversal was 5, and the 6th set, which was the winning set, was 4. Bank shot 32 points is almost half (42.1%) 카지노

of Kang Min-gu’s 76 points. Physically, it was great, but the psychological effect of giving confidence to him and a sense of intimidation to the opponent was greater.

Lim Jung-sook is a player who specializes in bank shots. If she was being picky, she tried a bank shot. If the road was equally ambiguous, it would have been 2 points rather than 1 point.

If the bank shot path doesn’t show up well, it’s hard to play, but the eye to see the bank shot is different.

Lim Jung-suk beat Kim Gap-seon 3-1 in the semifinals with a total of 8 bank shots, and Kim Ye-eun defeated Kim 4-2 in the final with 10 bank shots.

Simultaneous occupation of PBA and LPBA by bank shot masters. The bank shot wind seems to be getting hotter.


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