Siheung-Paju Office of Education, Comprehensive Hegemony in Superintendent Athletics 1st and 2nd divisions

The Siheung Office of Education and the Paju Office of Education won the overall championship in the first and second divisions at the 2023 Gyeonggi-do Superintendent of Education Track and Field, which was revived after 8 years.

The Siheung Office of Education scored a total of 241.5 points in this competition, which ended the 3rd day of the 52nd National Youth Sports Festival at Yongin Mir Stadium on the 21st, and ended the 3rd day, with Ansan Office of Education (234 points) and Anyang Gwacheon Education. It beat the support office (177 points) and embraced the hegemony.

In addition, in the second division, Paju Office of Education scored 148 points, ranking first ahead of Gimpo Office of Education (113 points) and Gunpo Uiwang Office of Education (98.5 points).

Bang Eun-seo (Seocho, Gimpo), a 6th year female elementary school student, became the second runner in the 400m relay that day and contributed to the Gimpo starter winning the championship with a time of 5:32, ahead of Seongnam City (57:91) and Ansan City (58:02), 100m and 200m He won three crowns including the championship.

Also, in the south-central 3rd year 110m hurdles final, Cho Yeon-seung (Uijeongbu Hoeryong Middle School) finished first with 15.80 seconds ahead of Seong Seung-hun (Ansan Wadong Middle School, 16.19 seconds), and Kwon Seo-rin (Gwangmyeong Cheolsan Girls’ Middle School) in the women’s 2nd year 5,000m hurdles final. ) won the gold medal in 24 minutes 03 seconds 1.

Kim Kang-min (Siheung Middle School) won the gold medal in the South Central 3rd year 3,000m event with a time of 9:51:99, and Kim Min-seo (Yeoncheon Jeongok Middle School) was the first to reach the finish line in the same event in the 2nd year women’s middle with a time of 10:58:8.

In addition, in the south-central 3-year triple jump, Kim Min-hyeok (Ansan Byeolmang Middle School) jumped 12m80 to take first place, and in the male and female elementary school 6-year long jump, Geum Hyeon-hak and Kang Min-chae (Uijeongbu Balgokcho) jumped 5m07 and 4m09, respectively, accompanying them to the top. .

Meanwhile, this event, held again after 8 years as Superintendent Lim Tae-hee, was co-hosted by the Gyeonggi-do Office of Education and the Gyeonggi-do Athletics Federation. Provincial representative players were selected to participate in the National Youth Sports Festival. 온라인카지노

Seong Jeong-hyun, head of the Physical Education and Health Department at the Provincial Office of Education, said, “I think it is very meaningful that talented athletics dreamers were discovered and unleashed to their heart’s content through this competition, which was held again after 8 years as a comprehensive competition.” I hope that it will not only revitalize the event, but also have a positive effect on other events, thereby providing an opportunity for school sports to take off again.”


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