Shin Sang-jin, the owner, and local lawmakers sang in one voice, ‘Reviving Seongnam’s glory’

Seongnam FC held a ceremony to start the 2023 season and made up its mind. Shin Sang-jin, the owner of Seongnam (Seongnam Mayor), 메이저사이트members of the National Assembly, and the head of the Seongnam City Council conveyed their wishes and support to regain the glory of Seongnam at the inauguration ceremony.

On the 18th at 4:00 pm, the 2023 Seongnam FC launch ceremony was held at Onnuri Hall in Seongnam City Hall. The ceremony was attended by owner Shin Sang-jin, guests, players and club membership members, youth players and parents, general fans, and officials from the Seongnam Football Association.

After the introduction of the players, the opening ceremony began in earnest with the words of encouragement from the new owner. Owner Shin said, “We, Seongnam FC, together with the proud citizens of Seongnam, made a commitment to fulfill the role of owner to promote Seongnam to the whole country and to produce many great players here, and decided to take the lead in the development of Seongnam and civic integration.” , said that he would strive for the development of Seongnam City and the club with transparency in the management of the club.

At the end of this year, which marks the 50th anniversary of Seongnam City’s promotion to the city, the new owner also expressed his ambition to do his best as the owner so that he can give the citizens of Seongnam a wonderful gift of promotion. He said, “I am determined to clean up the past through the team’s transparent management and work hard from myself for the day when our Seongnam FC stands tall again with great players.”


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