“Shearer under Pep? Would have scored 1200 goals… but you have to be 3 languages + 3 positions to get picked”

Manchester City legend Fernandinho has claimed that his mentor Pep Guardiola’s leadership has led to huge improvements in his players.

Premier League champions City won the title this season, their third consecutive league title. Since Guardiola’s arrival, City have been the league’s most dominant side, with the addition of former European striker Elling Holland to the squad this season.안전놀이터

Holland scored 36 goals in the league alone, breaking the Premier League’s all-time single-season goalscoring record, and has been praised for his improvement under Guardiola.

The former City midfielder believes that Guardiola has the ability to unlock the potential of a striker, which he claims is true for other attackers as well.

Shearer is one of the most prolific strikers of all time with 260 Premier League goals and a whopping 409 for his entire career.

“Guardiola makes you understand that football is simpler than you think,” Fernandinho said, adding that even Shearer, already regarded as a top striker, can improve, and that his leadership makes it easier for players to play.

However, Fernandinho also acknowledged that it was not easy for the players to adapt under Guardiola. “To play under Guardiola, you need two things. You have to speak at least three languages and you have to be able to play in at least three different positions,” he said, explaining the demanding requirements to become a pupil.

Upon hearing Fernandinho’s requirements, Shearer replied: “Three languages? I can fill in Jordié (an English dialect) and English. And three positions? No way,” Shearer said, adding that he would not be able to be his student because of the requirements.


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