Samsung told me not to pick up the pitcher who gave up, but the high-speed sidearm with a total of 80 holds is strange

 NC Dinos pitcher Shim Chang-min’s performance is unusual.

Shim Chang-min took the mound as the third pitcher after Koo Chang-mo and Jeong Gu-beom in an exhibition game against Kiwoom Heroes held at Changwon NC Park on the 20th. On the mound in the beginning of the 7th inning, Shim Chang-min allowed lead hitter Lee Byeong-gyu to hit and started off uneasy. Then, in Kim Joo-hyung’s at-bat, his first pitch fell outward and gave up a wild pitch. Shim Chang-min caught Park Chan-hyuk with a shallow center fielder fly despite Kim Joo-hyung getting a double hit. However, he allowed Song Seong-moon to walk, and the next hitter Lee Seung-won at bat again allowed two runs due to an overlapping wild throw and catcher’s error. Shim Chang-min caught Lee Seung-won with a third baseman line drive and replaced Lee Jae-hak to finish pitching that day. Lee Jae-hak allowed a hit to the follow-up hitter, and Shim Chang-min’s run increased to 3 runs.

Shim Chang-min threw 27 pitches in 0.2 innings, giving up 2 hits, 1 walk, 2 wild throws and 3 runs. The highest restraint was recorded up to 145 km according to the speed gun of the broadcasting company. The strike rate was only 51.9%, and there were only two first pitch strikes out of five batters.

The result, of course, was not good either. There were two officially recorded wild throws, but there were many balls that the catcher could not catch. After giving Kim Joo-hyung his first wildfire, he threw a wildfire ball at least once to every batter he faced. There were several balls that hit the billboard behind the home plate and bounced off to avoid a wild pitch, or Ahn Joong-yeol struggled to catch them.

Commentary Yoon Hee-sang commented, “There is a sense of urgency. He seems to be trying to throw harder, but he is not holding a constant release point. The type of pitch that becomes the command he wants, the ball is not visible. The part that gives the impact at the release point shakes.” Diagnosed the condition.

The problem is that jegu hunting is not a temporary symptom. Even against Doosan on the 16th, Shim Chang-min used to throw his ball in the wrong place. On this day, he recorded one scoreless inning hold, but the quality of his pitching was poor. Shim Chang-min pitched three times in exhibition games and gave up walks every time he got on the mound.

Shim Chang-min, who joined the Samsung Lions in 2011, took charge of the team’s waist based on his speed. He accumulated 80 holds and 51 saves in Samsung alone, making him a franchise star for the team.

Shim Chang-min, who was on a winning streak, also could not escape the shadow of overwork. Shim Chang-min played 281.2 innings in 248 games for four years from 2015 to 2018. This corresponds to the 2nd place in the number of appearances and the 2nd in innings among all relief pitchers during the period. From his debut to 2018, Shim Chang-min’s walks per 9 innings ratio (BB/9) stood at 3.91, compared to 6.58 after 2019. In particular, 2022 left him with the worst performance of his career with a BB/9 of 9.95. 먹튀검증

Shim Chang-min was traded to NC along with Kim Eung-min on December 13, 2021. Even though the environment changed, Shim Chang-min’s command did not return, and he only appeared in 11 games with the first team last season due to sluggishness and injuries. If he completes this season, he will be eligible for free agency. He should be in good shape, but the pitching that Ips is suspicious of continues.

Baseball fans often say not to use a pitcher that Samsung has given up. If the current situation continues, Shim Changmin will also set a good example. Attention is focusing on whether Shim Chang-min will be able to dispel harsh criticism.


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