Samsung loses fourth straight to truck protests, says it should ‘stay out of it’ but takes a ‘breather’

Samsung Lions fans have staged another truck protest in Seoul, this time at their home stadium, Lions Park.

The Samsung Lions fan cafe group told this newspaper, “Before the three-game series in midweek, we held truck protests at Samsung’s headquarters in Seoul, Jamsil Baseball Stadium, and Suwon, and fortunately, many people were interested. This time, we reached a consensus on the fact that we should do it in Daegu for the weekend, and we completed the protest without incident.”

On the other hand, “Who doesn’t love a good protest against the team we support? However, the current situation is definitely not what the fans want. If we can get back to the dynasty that we once were, we’ll be ready to cheer. I hope the club realises that, and I hope that the head of the group realises that the Samsung brand image will suffer if this continues.”메이저사이트

Despite the fans’ pleas, Samsung was swept by Doosan in front of Lee, and a three-game home series against KT also sealed the deal. Four straight losses. The team is still in seventh place with 18 wins and 25 losses, but with only half a game in hand on eighth-placed KT, there is a good chance of a drop in the standings.

Finally, one of the fans who led the protest said, “After all this time, we’re still on a losing streak. It’s so sad that we’re going to have to do a no-show next time,” they said.


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