Salimnam’ Hong Seong-heun’s son, Hwa-cheol, grew 20 cm in 1 year and 6 months… moaning from growing pains

Hong Seong-heun and Kim Jeong-im were worried about their son’s growing pains.

On KBS 2TV’s ‘The Living Men’, which aired on the 4th, Hong Seong-heun’s son, Hwa-cheol, suffered from growing pains.

Hwacheol was suffering from severe growing pains as he had grown 20 cm in 1 year and 6 months. I even woke up several times in the morning. Waking up at dawn, Hwacheol said that he was hungry and wanted to eat pizza. Kim Jeong-im immediately made pizza for Hwa-cheol. Hwacheol smiled, saying that his knees do not hurt when he eats pizza. Kim Jung-im also smiled brightly at Hwa-cheol.

The next morning, Hong Seong-heun woke 온라인카지노 Hwa-cheol. Hwa-cheol said that he couldn’t sleep because his knees and elbows hurt, but Hong Seong-heun urged him not to act too hard. Hong Seong-heun carried Hwa-cheol to the living room. Seongheun Hong helped him with his stretching. Hong Seong-heun and Hwa-cheol measured his height. The two of them were almost the same height. It was already bigger than Kim Jong-im. Hong Seong-heun said that he didn’t even know he had growing pains because he was training when he was young, and he said let’s go to training soon.


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