Rex X Hwang Seok-bin, ‘A Promise of Destiny with a Luxury Sports Car’

In the middle of a peaceful training session, Rex, a member of Lotte, and Seong-bin Hwang were properly attached.

On the afternoon of the 6th (local time), after taking a honey-like break on the 5th, the Lotte Giants resumed training at the Dededo Sports Complex in Guam.

During afternoon training after lunch, Hwang Seong-bin and Rex were placed in the same group. A word from Rex that Hwang Seong-bin heard from behind as he was about to switch to another player after vigorously batting training. “You long hair more power”. Hwang Seongbin, who is currently keeping his hair long, joked, “I have long hair, so I have to have more power.” 카지노

At Rex’s joke, Hwang Seong-bin also showed a bicep and threatened (?) and watched Rex’s betting. The two players bicker even at the moment of betting. Rex, who finished the betting and not the end here, once again told Seongbin Hwang, “You long hair more power,” and Seongbin Hwang replied, “At least he hit a home run.”

Rex, who heard that, told him to hit 2, 3, or 40 this year, and Seongbin Hwang, who heard this, said, ‘If I hit 40, I’ll buy you a car’. Rex, who was excited about Hwang Seong-bin’s purchase of a car, shouted ‘Lamborghini’ and caused laughter around him.


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