‘Return of the Strongest’ Park Min-ji, ‘Scary Rookie’ Bang Sin-sil Kim Min-byeol

After returning from the US Women’s Open, Park Min-ji, the ‘strongest’, will compete with fearsome rookie Bang Sin-sil, Kim Min-byeol for the final supremacy in the first half.스포츠토토

The Korean Women’s Professional Golf (KLPGA) tour ‘Ever Collagen The Sienna Queen’s Crown 2023’ (total prize money 800 million won, championship prize money 144 million won) opened at The Siena Country Club (par 72) in Jeju City for four days on the 13th. do. The KLPGA tour will go through a two-week break after this tournament and begin its second half schedule with the 10th Samdasoo Masters on August 3.

Park Min-ji, who was the only one to win two games this season, is back. After narrowly passing the cut at last week’s US Women’s Open, Park Min-ji, who tied for 13th by hitting under par for two days in a row in the 3rd and 4th rounds, took first place in prize money (508.87 million won) despite participating in only 10 competitions this season, which is fewer than other players. 10,000 won), 2nd in grand prize (300 points), and 2nd in average at-bats (70.4828 strokes). They are continuing their ‘trend’ activity in 2021-2022, when they won 6 wins each and won the prize money and multiple wins.

Park Min-ji, who returned from the United States and went straight to Jeju, said, “I am not tired because I managed my schedule well, and I am in good condition.” I will,” he said.

Hwang Yoo-min, who won the first win at the ‘Daeyu Winia-MBN Women’s Open’ held last week, canceled the tournament due to poor health. Above Bang Shin-sil is going to be Park Min-ji’s opponent.

Kim Min-byeol, who has been in the top 10 in all three recent tournaments, including two runner-ups, is determined to shake off the regret of losing to Hwang Yu-min in an overtime match last week and giving up the first place in rookie award points. Kim Min-byeol, who was the only one of the ‘Rookie Big 3’ who did not experience a championship, said, “I feel that my shortcomings have been supplemented during the tournament.” As much as this is good, I want to win the championship without fail.”

Bang Sin-sil, who has established herself as a box office card in the KLPGA with the first place in drive distance (265 yards), the accuracy of the first place in green hit rate (79.48%), and the first place in par 3 (2.9862 strokes), along with the exciting long hit Challenge. Bang Shin-sil, who overcame the sluggish 2-over-par tied for 79th in the first round last week and poured out 13 birdies without a single bogey during the 2nd and 3rd rounds and eventually rose to 4th place, showing off her explosive power once again. added up to He has the ability to lift the trophy at any time and has outstanding star qualities.

Bang Shin-sil, who caused a sensation by lifting the championship trophy first among all rookies at the E1 Charity Open in May while performing the second part tour at the same time because he could not secure a full seed, said, “Looking back on the first half, I won the long-awaited championship, but I made challenging attempts in each tournament. I made a lot of mistakes while doing it,” he said. “But I think I became a more mature player because I learned a lot from my mistakes. I want to give 100 points to myself in the first half.” He added, “As it is the last tournament in the first half, I will do my best to pour out my all.”


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