Reminds me of 2005 Hanwha 8 consecutive wins… Unexpected advance into fall baseball is possible

The Hanwha Eagles are threatening the middle ranks with 8 consecutive victories (Kia Tigers on June 20th – Samsung Lions on July 1st).온라인바카라

In the midst of Hanwha’s rising trend, I also fell into old memories for a while. It is said that the Hanhwa succeeded in winning 8 consecutive wins in 18 years after winning 9 consecutive wins from Doosan Bears on June 4, 2005 to KIA Tigers on the 14th.

In October 2004, I was appointed to the Hanwha command tower. Hanwha, which ranked 7th the previous year (0.417 win rate), advanced to the postseason by finishing 4th (0.512 win rate) in 2005, the first season in charge. Looking back, it was difficult to achieve 9 consecutive victories in the process.

Song Jin-woo (left) and Jung Min-cheol.

At that time, Song Jin-woo and Jeong Min-cheol played as starting resources, but the sharpness of the two pitchers was lower than in their prime. At that time, unexpected veterans such as Ji Yeon-gyu, Choi Young-pil, and Cha Myung-ju stood out. Jiyeon-gyu Ji had just taken over as coach after the 2004 season ended. At the finish camp, I saw him throwing a batting ball and recommended that he return as a player. Ji Yeon-gyu declined at first, but changed his mind by promising that he would return as a coach even if he was sluggish after reversing his retirement.

At the time, Hanwha was in a difficult situation for Kwon Jun-heon, who posted an ERA of 2.11 with 17 saves in 2004, due to elbow surgery. That’s why I pushed for Ji Yeon-gyu’s return, and he showed a good look with 20 saves and an average ERA of 2.84 in 33 games in 2005.

Choi Young-pil recorded an average ERA of 2.89 with 8 wins, 8 losses and 5 saves, and was active in the playoffs as well. Left-handed bullpen Cha Myung-joo did her part with 4 wins, 1 loss, 12 saves, and an average ERA of 5.88. In the offense, Lee Bum-ho and Kim Tae-gyun scored a lot, and Jay Davis, a 6th-year KBO league player, also made a splash.

Another player that cannot be left out is Kim In-cheol. In 2004, Hanwha recruited Kim In-cheol, who was released after three games as a member of the KIA. He recorded a career high with a batting average of 0.275, 10 homers and 39 RBIs in 103 games in 2005 (a career batting average of 0.238, 18 homers and 78 RBIs, and a 4.56 ERA with 15 wins, 22 losses, and 5 saves from 1990 to 1997).

Ryu Hyun-jin’s pitching during his rookie days.
In 2006, Ryu Hyun-jin, a monster rookie, joined the team. In addition, Koo Dae-sung returned after finishing his overseas life, including playing in the US Major League Baseball (MLB). Kim Min-jae joined as a free agent (FA). Thanks to this, Hanwha has built a team that is one step higher than in 2005 and advanced to the Korean Series. After entering the postseason in 2007, in 2018, when coach Han Yong-deok was holding the baton, he experienced fall baseball again after 11 seasons.

Even when the team’s performance was sluggish, Hanwha fans cheered enthusiastically. Whether winning or losing, it was the same. Many fans came not only to Daejeon home but also to Seoul Jamsil and Incheon away matches. I wonder if a lot of strength was delivered to the players because they cheered hard regardless of the win or loss.

Hanwha ran up to eight consecutive victories as manager Choi Won-ho took over the baton during this season and washed away his concerns. I wonder how much the results would have been if the club had decided to replace the head coach sooner.

If former coach Subero used the pitchers included in the roster as much as possible, coach Choi Won-ho’s bolder and more confident input of Pil Seung-jo through position classification was effective.

Hanwha Moon Dong-ju.
As the mound stabilizes, the batting line is also gaining strength. In particular, Moon Dong-joo’s development has improved tremendously in a month. If Moon Dong-ju maintains the current pace, he predicts that Hanwha will be able to play baseball in the fall.

Previously, there had to be runners in front of Noh Si-hwan and Chae Eun-seong as batters 3 and 4, but now they are different. Even in defense, relay play has become much simpler and faster. With the current situation, it seems possible to advance to the wild card match. With the regular season just around the corner, Hanwha narrowed its lead to 5th place Doosan Bears to around 3 games. You must not give up until the very end. At this rate, something completely unexpected before the season, which is the first fall baseball in five years, could happen.


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