Please take control of the team’… ‘Difficult’ PSG, aiming for manager Mourinho

Paris Saint-Germain (PSG), 메이저사이트the strongest player in France, is pushing to appoint Jose Mourinho (60) as coach to take control of the squad.

French media ‘Futmercato’ reported on the 18th (Korean time) that “PSG has contacted coach Jose Mourinho for the club’s future.”

After parting ways with manager Mauricio Pochettino ahead of the 2022/23 season, PSG appointed manager Christophe Galtier.

It’s been less than a year since Galtier took over the PSG helm, but PSG started considering a new manager when Galtier couldn’t control the squad.

The media said, “Director Galtier put forward strict discipline, but this sparked skepticism within the locker room as he clashed with some players with strong individualistic tendencies.”

He added, “As coach Galtier was threatened, general manager Luis Campos, who pushed for his appointment, was also in a similar situation.”

Mourinho is one of the world’s best coaches in the 21st century.

Coach Mourinho, who surprised the world by leading FC Porto and winning the UEFA Champions League, later went through Chelsea, Inter Milan, and Real Madrid to succeed.

Over time, he was sacked due to poor performance, but in May 2021, he succeeded in restoring his honor when he took over as manager of AS Roma. Last season, coach Mourinho made Roma the first champions of the UEFA Europa Conference League, giving Roma their first European club championship trophy in 61 years.

As coach Mourinho succeeded in restoring his honor, PSG considered appointing Mourinho, whose reputation and charisma are unrivaled, in order to take control of the squad.

The media said, “Director Galtier seems to have reached the limit in managing PSG stars,” and “Coach Mourinho has proven throughout his career that he is not afraid of players.”

“He loves Kylian Mbappe, so Mourinho will have no problem keeping Mbappe at the center of the PSG project,” he added.

“If Mourinho comes to PSG, he can reunite with Joao Sacramento, who served as assistant coach at Tottenham Hotspur and AS Roma,” he said. “Mourinho also maintains a good relationship with Campos general manager.” .


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