‘Perfect cutoff, bullet throw’ Kim Ha-seong blocked the run, second base defense OK

San Diego Padres Kim Ha-seong (28) took a successful first step as the starting second baseman. 

Ha-seong Kim started as the 5th hitter and second baseman in the opening game against the Seattle Mariners in the 2023 Major League Baseball exhibition game held at Peoria Stadium in Peoria, Arizona, USA on the 25th (hereinafter Korean time), and perfectly completed the home throw with a cutoff play in the 2nd inning defense. He prevented the team from scoring. 

The situation came out of the 2nd inning Seattle attack, 2 out 1 base situation. Seattle Mike Ford hit a double through center right against San Diego starter Nick Martinez. While center fielder José Ajoca chased the ball that rolled all the way to the fence, second baseman Kim Ha-seong also ran to the outfield and made a cutoff play. 안전놀이터

Seattle first base runner JP Crawford rushed home past second and third base. However, Kim Ha-seong, who started a cutoff play deep in the outfield, took over the ball from Ajoka and threw it home quickly and accurately. Kim Ha-seong’s powerful throw went into one bound for catcher Luis Campusano to catch. Crawford is out at home to end the inning. 

When he prevented a run with a neat relay play, the San Diego crowd at first base cheered. Shortstop Xander Bogatz hugged Ha-seong Kim and liked it, and catcher Campusano pointed to Ha-seong Kim and was delighted. 

Kim Ha-seong, who was recognized for his top-notch defense by becoming one of the three finalists for the Gold Glove Award in the National League shortstop category last year, moved to second baseman this year. As San Diego acquired giant shortstop Xander Bogarts for 280 million dollars in 11 years, trade rumors surrounding Kim Ha-seong continued.

However, Kim Ha-seong, who was recognized for his value as the main player in San Diego, is still raising expectations as a starting pitcher as he works with shortstop Bogatz as a second baseman. From the first day of the demonstration game on this day, after being named in the starting lineup with key hitters such as Bogatz, Manny Machado, Juan Soto, and Nelson Cruz, he was treated as the starting player after being replaced after only two at-bats. 

On the other hand, Kim Ha-seong recorded no hits in two at-bats that day. He retired with a 5-4-3 double stroke with a grounder on third base from a chance with one out and bases loaded in the first at-bat in the first inning, and in the fourth inning as the lead batter, the pitcher was thrown out. /


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