Pep’s ‘football guru’ does not leave Man City…”PSG-Barsa negotiations are groundless”

Manchester City’s Bernardo Silva has become influential in the team.

Man City is the best team in Europe at the moment. Last season, the treble was completed by winning the English Premier League (EPL), the English Football Association Cup (FA Cup), and the European Football Federation (UEFA) Champions League (UCL).

As Man City fans’ expectations rise, Man City must endure the ‘weight of the crown’ next season. To this end, we want to prevent the outflow of key players. The most important player among them is Bernardo Silva.메이저놀이터

Silva is currently the heart of Manchester City under Pep Guardiola. He is a player like Pep Guardiola’s persona, who combines tremendous activity, pass sense, depressurization, and football intelligence. Last season, he was also very active, recording 4 goals and 6 assists in 34 English Premier League (EPL) matches.

Silva, the core of the team, was rumored to transfer to Barcelona in the transfer market last summer. Last summer Barcelona tried to clean up the team’s existing resources following financial difficulties. Barcelona tried to sell Frenkie the Yong, who is classified as the team’s top manager, and wanted Silva as his replacement.

Here, the interest of Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) also continued. PSG has been trying to rebuild since the new coach Luis Enrique took office, and Silva was pointed out as the target. In addition, general manager Luis Campos also strongly wanted Silva, and it was said that the recruitment process had progressed.

European football transfer market expert Fabricio Romano said, “PSG is currently working on signing Silva. Director Luis Campos is trying to reach an individual agreement. It is in progress,” he said.

But Manchester City are sticking to a tough stance. It is said that it is still under contract until 2025, and Silva also likes Man City’s club plans. Guardiola’s opposition also played a big part. “Silva remains at Manchester City. There is no negotiation, no phone call regarding him. Silva will remain at Manchester City,” Guardiola said.

Here, Romano drives a wedge into Silva’s retention. Romano said on his social media on the 5th (Korean time), “Man City has announced that PSG and Barcelona will not be negotiating the signing of Silva.” Man City’s announcement to stay Silva is very strong.


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