Park Min-ji ahead of the great record hunt… Fill up the missing 2% and challenge for 3 consecutive losses!

Park Min-ji (25, photo), the signboard of the Korean Women’s Professional Golf (KLPGA) tour, is challenging her third consecutive victory in a single tournament.

Park Min-ji will defend her first win and title of the season at the NH Investment & Securities Ladies Championship (total prize money of 800 million won) held at Suwon CC (par 72) in Yongin-si, Gyeonggi-do for three days from the 12th. In 2021, when he started his second consecutive year of six wins, Park Min-ji, who won the first championship in this event sponsored by his own sponsor, defeated Hwang Yoo-min, the protagonist of the amateur blast, after an overtime match last year, and achieved a second consecutive championship.

If Park Min-ji succeeds in winning three consecutive matches, she will achieve the fifth record in the history of the KLPGA Tour, following the late Ok-hee Koo, Se-ri Park, Soo-yeon Kang, and Hae-rim Kim. At the Celltrion Queens Masters, which is held every June, Park Min-ji, who won two consecutive victories last year, said at the time, “I am greedy that three consecutive victories are a record that only four prominent players in Korean women’s golf have achieved.” I will try my best,” he said, expressing his desire early on.

Park Min-ji, who declared that she would increase her participation in overseas competitions this year, placed third in the Mediheal Hankook Ilbo Championship last month and placed in the top 10 twice in four competitions this season. Last week, she participated in the first major tournament of the JLPGA tour season, the World Ladies Championship Salon Pas Cup, and tied for 20th, adjusting her shot feel.

Park Min-ji said, “It is an honor to challenge the great record. It’s a tournament held by my main sponsor, so I’m even more greedy.” I hope that will happen in this competition,” she said.메이저놀이터

Hwang Yoo-min, who made Park Min-ji’s talk cold last year, is drawing great attention to whether he will compete for the championship again as a professional rookie. Hwang Yoo-min, who has a 163cm tall physique and a driver shot distance of 253 yards (3rd place), succeeded in passing the cut in all six KLPGA tours this season and tied at the LPGA Tour Lotte Championship held in Hawaii last month. He is showing the potential of a big rookie by taking 9th place.

Hwang Yoo-min said, “I did well last year, but I have a lot of regretful memories. He said, “I want to lift the trophy without fail this year with similar strategies and plays by collecting good memories from that time.”

Lee Da-yeon, who overcame her injury and won the KLPGA Championship, gathers the energy she accumulated from her one-week break and strives to win two championships in a row. Park Ji-young, the first in prize money, and Lee Ye-won, the rookie of the year who won the Lotte Rent-A-Car Women’s Open, as well as Park Hyun-kyung and Lee So-young, are strong contenders to stop Park Min-ji from winning three consecutive victories.


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