Park Bo-gyeom, who broke through the ‘1% chance’ and achieved a hole-in-one victory

In the golf industry, the probability of a professional golfer making a hole-in-one is approximately ‘1 in 3000’. Luck matters more than skill. So, there are players who make two or three hole-in-ones in a year, and there are players who have never made a hole-in-one in their lifetime and retire.

As a hole-in-one reduces two strokes right away, it is an ideal gift for players competing to win. However, there are very few cases where a player who actually made a hole-in-one won the tournament. This is how the joke “because I spent all my luck on winning a hole-in-one” came about.

Actually it was. The number of hole-in-ones made during the 45 years from the launch of the KLPGA Tour in 1978 to the previous tournament was 358. Of these, only six players have won the competition. Four players won after hole-in-one in the final round. In terms of probability, it is 1.1%.

Park Bo-gyeom (25) broke through this odds and won the championship cup. In the final 2nd round of the KLPGA Tour Kyochon Ladies Open (total prize money of 800 million won) held at Asiad CC in Busan on the 7th, while catching 1 hole-in-one and 4 birdies, she reduced 4 strokes by blocking 2 bogeys. With a final total of 7 under par, 137 strokes, he beat the tie for second place group by 3 strokes. This is his first win in his 60th tournament since his regular tour debut.

It was also the first time he had recorded a hole-in-one in a tournament. It has been 10 years since Kim Se-young (30) won the Hanwha Finance Classic in 2013 after making a hole-in-one in the final round.

He received 144 million won as the prize money and also took the ‘two-year participation right’ given to the winner. The KLPGA gives players the right to participate up to the 60th place in the regular tour prize money ranking, but Park Bo-gyeom slipped consecutively in 2021 (61st) and 2022 (66th) with a difference of one step.

The event could not be held normally due to heavy rain and wind. On the 5th, when the first round was held, about half of the matches were not completed, and on the 6th, only part of the second round was played. In the end, the tournament organizing committee reduced the tournament from 54 holes to 36 holes. After the first round, Kim Woo-jung (25), who had never won a championship on the regular tour, took the sole lead with 4 under par, followed by Park Bo-gyeom and Heo Da-bin (25), who also did not win, with 3 under par each. And in the resumed second round, Park Bo-gyeom, who started from the 10th hole (par 4), slipped on the bogey on the first hole and faced a crisis, but made up for it with a birdie straight away from the 11th hole (par 5) and continued the championship competition.메이저놀이터

It was the 16th hole (par 3) that luck came to Park Bo-gyeom, who continued the par march. Park Bo-gyeom hit the 8-iron from 153 yards and the ball was sucked into the hole. Thanks to this, he climbed to the sole lead of 5 under par. He also took a luxury bed worth 50 million won as a hole-in-one. Park Bo-gyeom said, “Even though the wind was blowing, I trusted the shot distance and hit it confidently.”

Park Bo-gyeom, who was on the rise, added a birdie by sending a tee shot to the side of the hole 1m in the 3rd hole (par 3). After adding birdies on holes 5 (par 4) and 6 (par 3), he ran away by 4 strokes at one time, consolidating his victory early. A bogey came out on the 7th hole (par 4), but it did not affect the game.

With Park Bo-gyeom’s victory, this year’s KLPGA Tour title competition has become more complicated. The KLPGA Tour has produced ‘first winners in life’ in 4 out of 5 tournaments this year. Lotte Rent-A-Car Women’s Open champion Lee Ye-won (20), Mediheal Hankook Ilbo Championship champion Lee Joo-mi (28), and Nexen Saint Nine Masters champion Choi Eun-woo (28) all achieved their first career victory this season.


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