“Our flight landed at ‘Champion Airport’ again”

Professional volleyball Korean Air opened a new dynasty by winning the first three consecutive championships and treble championships in the history of the club.

Korean Air beat Hyundai Capital 3-2 (23-25 ​​13-25 25-22 25-17 15-22 25-17 15- 11) He won the championship with a double victory. Korean Air wrote a new history by achieving the club’s first treble victory, including first place in the regular league and winning the KOVO Cup and the championship.

From the 2020-2021 season, it is an integrated championship for 3 consecutive seasons (1st place in the regular league and winning the championship). The combined championship for three consecutive seasons is the second in V-League history. Previously, Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance was the first to succeed in winning three consecutive victories from the 2011-2012 season to the 2013-2014 season. Korean Air’s 4th win in total, including the 2017-2018 season.

Korean Air’s captain and setter Han received the MVP award in the championship. Player Han, who became MVP of the second championship match after the 2017-2018 season, said, “I feel good to have won three consecutive championships.” ”he said.

The fight was tense from the beginning. The two teams came to the end of the set 22-22, back and forth with 1-2 points in reverse and reversal. However, Hyundai Capital’s concentration was better. Hyundai Capital, who escaped by one point with Oreol’s quick open, shook the opponent’s receive with Kim Myeong-gwan’s strong serve. Heo Soo-bong took the set with the last goal of the set.

Hyundai Capital, which succeeded in overcoming the baseline, easily brought the second set. Heo Soo-bong led the attack with 5 points and an attack success rate of 75%, and Kim Seon-ho and Oreol also scored 4 points each. Korean Air slowed down by recording 11 rooms in the second set alone.

Korean Air, which was losing, reversed the atmosphere with Jeong Ji-seok’s strong serve. Korean Air, which was trailing 4-6, tied the score with Jeong Ji-seok’s two consecutive sub-aces. Korean Air, which shook the opponent’s receive with a strong serve, succeeded in Lincoln’s open attack and Jung Ji-seok successfully served as an ace again, running away with a two-point lead. They allowed a 20-20 chase in the second half of the 3rd set, but with Jeong Ji-seok’s blocking and Lincoln’s quick open, they ran away again by 2 points, and brought the set with concentration in the second half. Lincoln made a big success with 10 points in 3 sets and an attack success rate of 83.33%.

With Jeong Ji-seok and Lincoln alive, Korean Air overwhelmed their opponent in the 4th set. While scoring 7 points in a row, Hyundai Capital did not score a single point. Hyundai Capital began preparing for the 5th set by replacing key players such as Heo Soo-bong, Oreol, Kim Myeong-gwan, and Moon Seong-min in turn.

However, Korean Air, once set on fire, was unstoppable. In a 5-4 situation, Korean Air brought the atmosphere to the fore with Kwak Seung-seok’s blocking and serve ace, and they widened it to 13-7 and were on the verge of winning. In the end, the opponent’s room and Lincoln’s quick open eventually confirmed the championship.

Coach Tommy Tilikhainen, who became the first foreign coach in the V-League to win two consecutive championships, said, “It has been a long journey. He showed that the players do not give up until the end,” he said. “I was able to gain strength because I had fans. Thank you,” he said.

Hyundai Capital unfortunately stayed in the runner-up, but even in the absence of a key player in the team, they fought hard and played a great game in the championship and playoffs. In addition, from the bottom of the last season, they took 2nd place and runner-up in the regular league, laying the foundation for the reconstruction of the famous family. 메이저사이트


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