Opposing left-handed one-two puncher Tuna fights for South Korea vs. Croatia breakthrough

Both the South Korea and Croatia women’s national teams are hungry for a win. They are determined to outlast each other and record their first victory of the 2023 FIVB Volleyball Nations League (VNL) tournament.

The two teams will meet in Week 2 of the VNL on Sunday at 5:30 a.m. ET at the Nielsen Nelson Arena in Brasilia, Brazil. Croatia, who have lost five straight matches, face South Korea, who have lost six straight. The Croatians, ranked 16th in the tournament, took the first set against the United States in Week 2, outperforming the Koreans in set percentage and earning a breakthrough victory. South Korea lost all four matches in Week 1 and Brazil and Japan in Week 2, going 0-3, to snap a six-match losing streak. South Korea is in last place in the tournament. They will look to build on their win total.

Croatia has only two left-wingers on its roster. Both players were born in 2003. Andrea Mihaljevic, a 6-foot-5 outside hitter, and Dijana Kanatovic, a 6-foot-2 outside hitter.

Mihaljevic is the team’s leading scorer. She has 62 points in five games. She also has five blocks and three aces. His attacking efficiency is 31.4%.스포츠토토

Kanatovic has also played in five matches, scoring 37 points. His attacking efficiency was 34.83%, higher than Mihaljevic’s. While Mihaljevic’s offense was dominant, Kanatovic was able to spread the offense around. Kanatovic’s most points in a game in the VNL this year was 14 against the United States.

Right-handed players are common, but left-handed players are rare. There are only two left-handed attackers on the team. South Korea will need to prepare their defense for the different angles and courses of left-handed attacks.

The presence of captain and middle blocker Martina Samadan is also important. She is the team’s second-highest scorer after Mihaljevic. She has 39 points in five games. She hasn’t attempted many attacks, but she has made an impact.

Along with Mihaljevic and Kanatovic, Croatia’s outside hitter Laura Milos, a 5-foot-9 outside hitter born in 1994, played against the United States. Milos used her height to her advantage, scoring a team-high 15 points. The trio’s defense, however, is less impressive.

Of the 16 teams in the tournament, only No. 14 Netherlands, Croatia (No. 15), and South Korea (No. 16) remain winless. Croatia earned one point with a full-set victory over the United States. They are followed by Croatia, who are winless but have picked up one set in five matches, and South Korea, who are still winless. Only one team can escape the losing streak nightmare.


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