Ohtani in Korea? It’s funny even when I see it. I can’t do anything properly…” What is the sincerity of the 900 million people during dual sword training?

Kiwoom Heroes’ Jang Jae-young is trying the ‘double-edged style’, which combines pitcher and hitter, and is receiving attention from baseball fans. Jang Jae-young is undergoing pitcher and fielder training together with rookie Kim Kun-hee at this Arizona camp. Out of the three days of training, one is pitcher and two are fielders. In training on the 3rd (hereafter Korean time), he practiced catch and defense as a pitcher, then held a bat and practiced batting. 메이저사이트

Jang Jae-young tried the dual sword style while playing for Geelong Korea in the Australian League. Jang Jae-young, who received a down payment of 900 million won and joined the team under the splendid spotlight, has not been able to overcome his anxiety and has yet to show the expected performance. Then, while playing the Australian league at the club, he suggested that it be like batting like in high school. The results were beyond expectations. The batter was originally for a change of mood, and I hoped that the pitching would go well, but as expected, it showed a good appearance in the Australian league. In response, Kiwoom is testing the dual wielder at this spring camp.

However, Jang Jae-young thought of it as a battering experience to help a pitcher rather than doing dual wielding. Jang Jae-young said, “I am trying hard because the club is considerate and opens this way.”

It is said that going out as a batter in the Australian league helped his pitching. Jang Jae-young said, “When I came into the body, I threw the outside slider when I started based on what I saw and felt as a hitter, and the effect was good.”

“I was very touched when I saw a Japanese pitcher throw it,” he said. “That pitcher was also a right-handed pitcher and threw 150km and his control was not good. I thought I would throw it that way without trying to throw it too perfectly and deeply.” He said that he learned as a hitter that he didn’t have to pay too much attention to pitching.

He is more of a pitcher than a dual wielder. Jang Jae-young said, “If I can go out when there is no substitute runner or pinch hitter, it will help the team, so I prepare.

He waved his hand at the word ‘Korean Ohtani’. Jang Jae-young, who said, “It’s funny even when I see it,” said, “Ohtani is a player who came out in 100 years. I can’t compare to that player.

Jang Jae-young’s goal this season is to enter the starting lineup. To Jang Jae-young, everything now is just preparation for it.


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