Noise between floors Neighbor assault death Ex-ssireum player sentenced to 1 year and 6 months in prison

A former wrestler who assaulted and killed a neighbor who had a conflict over a noise problem between floors was sentenced to prison.

On the 10th, the Criminal Division 1 of the Cheonan Branch of the Daejeon District Court (Judge Jeon Jeon-ho) sentenced A (32) to 1 year and 6 months in prison.

In November of last year, Mr. A was handed over to trial for beating and killing the victim living in the upper house.

Mr. A, who usually had a conflict with the victim living in the upper house due to noise between floors, swung his fist when he was hit on the cheek while drinking and talking with the victim near his home on the day of the crime.

Previously, the prosecution requested 15 years in prison for Mr. A in the decision trial, saying, “The intent of the crime is close to murder due to a brutal crime in which the number of beatings exceeded 160 times in an hour.”

On the other hand, Mr. A appealed for leniency, saying, “It was an accidental assault while taking the drunk victim away, and it is difficult to know whether the cause of death was due to the assault as the victim usually suffers from a chronic disease.”토토사이트

Regarding this, the court of first trial drastically reduced the sentence, saying, “It seems that the defendant, who is a former wrestler and has a healthy physique, fully foresaw the result of death at the time of the attack.”

The judge explained the reason for the sentencing, saying, “It seems that the victim’s constitutional factors played a role in the result of death, and the agreement with the victim’s family was taken into account.”

On the other hand, when the related news spread, netizens said, “You beat someone to death, but 1 year and 6 months?” “If a wrestler beats you for an hour, you die,” was the response.


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