‘No. 40 seed’ room with ‘No. 1 box office card’ … If the official record goes up, ‘longest hit’, ‘iron’, ‘average’, ‘3rd place’

The ’19-year-old long hitter’ who became the hottest player on the Korean Ladies Professional Golf Association (KLPGA) Tour this year is ranked 21st on the money list. However, she is not ranked at all in terms of money won. This is because a player must qualify for at least 50% of all tournaments to be recognized as an official record.

The KLPGA Tour will play its 10th event of the 2023 season at the E1 Charity Open at Seongmunan Golf Course in Wonju, Gangwon Province, starting this week on Sept. 26, and Bang will be playing in her fifth event of the season. He will meet the 50% qualification requirement.안전놀이터

But where does Bang currently stand in terms of other records besides prize money?

Once his name is on the leaderboard for driving distance, he’ll be in first place. Currently, Bang is averaging 264.57 yards, while the official leader is Kim Soo-ji at 258.97 yards.

She is second in the Green Hitting Percentage category, which measures the accuracy of her iron shots, at 76.54%. The current leader is So Young Lee at 77.53%. With a stroke average of 70.44, Bang is in third place behind Park Ji-young (70.20) and Lee Da-yeon (70.37). She is also ranked third in rookie points behind Kim Min Byul and Hwang Yoo Min.

Bang’s meteoric rise to box office stardom in a short amount of time is largely due to her fiery long game. In her three appearances in stroke play events, Bang has hit 33 tee shots longer than 280 yards. Kim Soo-ji, the official longest hitter, has gone 280 yards or more 24 times.

She is also one of only two players to have made five consecutive birdies. Bang made her presence felt on the first day of the Chris F&C 45th KLPGA Championship, her first tournament of the year, with five straight birdies from the 14th to 18th holes.

Bang will not compete in the Lotte Open at BearsBest Cheongna Golf Course next month from April 1-4. The 40th-seeded Bang did not even get a chance to compete.

While 55 seeded players were able to participate in the 144-player E1 Charity Open, there are only 35 spots available for seeded players in the 132-player Lotte Open.

“Seed 40” is a very ambiguous position. If the overall number of entries increases, you have a chance, but if the number of entries decreases, you are forced to take a break. It’s a very seasonal position.

He missed the first three tournaments of the year because the total number of entries was only 120. At the first major, the Kris F&C 45th KLPGA Championship, the field was expanded to 132 players, giving the 40th seed a chance. At that time, 44 seeded players competed in the tournament.

Now is the time of year for Bang. There will be plenty of opportunities through July and August, when the days are longer. But in the fall, when the cold winds start to blow, the number of entrants will drop back down to 120.

The only other player to miss the cut was 33rd-seeded Park Bo-gyeom, the winner of the 1991 Gyochon Ladies Open, who also had to worry about her chances of qualifying when the field shrinks significantly.

Like Park, Bang Shin-shil will be able to shed her ’40 seed’ before the fall.


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