NBA office issues severe punishment to ‘troublemaker’ Morant, “possibly out for season”

The NBA’s governing body is putting the hammer down on Pau Gasol (24, 191cm).

Brian Windhorst, a reporter for American sports media outlet ESPN, said on the 2nd (Korea time), “The NBA is going to slap Morant with a severe punishment. He won’t be able to play many games next season.”

The NBA is currently conducting an investigation into his use of firearms. This is the third independent investigation into Morant.메이저놀이터

It appears that there are more serious findings beyond what was known. NBA commissioner Adam Silver said, “He had tens of millions of followers. This is not the kind of behaviour that a high-profile player should be doing. Waving and displaying a gun is a gross disregard for gun safety,” Silver said, adding, “I am shocked and disappointed that this has happened again in two months.”

Morant pulled the gun in May while rapping in his car with friends. It was during a social media live stream.

Just two months earlier, he had been suspended for eight games for drunkenly pulling a gun in a club while filming a social media live stream. Morant apologised publicly and promised not to do it again, but he never did.

Morant has had a string of other incidents, including assaulting a teenage boy and his entourage firing lasers at a bus carrying the Indiana Pacers.

The NBA decided to wait until after the Finals to announce his suspension, a sign of the severity of his punishment.

In the United States, there is even talk of a possible season-long suspension. This is because guns are a very sensitive issue in the United States.

In recent years, many people in the United States have lost their lives in shootings. Last year, the United States had the highest number of gun deaths in a single year. In the midst of this, Morant, who has been called the NBA’s next superstar, picked up a gun.

As ESPN put it, “Morant has done more to undermine the moral values the NBA holds dear than the legal issues. This time, he won’t be able to bounce back easily.”

His team, the Memphis Grizzlies, are on fire. This season, Morant averaged 26.2 points, 5.9 rebounds, and 8.1 assists to lead Memphis to a second-place finish in the West. His athleticism and star quality have made him a fan favourite.

His five-year, $194 million contract with Memphis kicks in next season, but he missed a significant amount of time in the first season of his big contract due to discipline.


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