MLB front + each team, Ohtani’s total annual salary expected to be 793.5 billion won… ESPN survey

 The news that does not miss a day on American Internet sites and MLB networks is Shohei Ohtani (28) of the Los Angeles Angels. There was a time when there was no golf article that did not mention him during the heyday of Tiger Woods, the ‘Emperor of Golf’. reminds me of woods

Currently, there are two big news outside of the record related to Ohtani. It is whether or not the Angels will look to the future by accepting a promising player with the Ohtani trade after becoming a ‘seller’ at the trade deadline when the odds fell below 50% in July. The chances are very small. A high-ranking official from the club has already declared that there will be no trade for Ohtani during the season.

The second is the ransom when he becomes a free agent after the season. Anyone can expect to jump to the ceiling. This is because he plays both roles as a pitcher and a hitter. It really depends on how much the total amount will be. The biggest contract in MLB history is current teammate, three-time MVP Mike Trout. Trout reached a record high in 2019 with a 12-year, $426 million (563.4 billion won) extension contract.

It was the highest ransom in North American sports history. However, on July 6, 2020, NFL Kansas City Chips quarterback Patrick Mahomes (27) surpassed Trout with a 10-year, $503 million (665.3 billion won) contract. The NFL doesn’t guarantee a full salary. The MLB’s highest free agent contract was the 9-year, $360 million (476.1 billion won) of New York Yankees slugger Aaron Judge in December last year. The annual salary is 40 million dollars (52.9 billion won). It is the highest amount for a beast. The highest overall is pitcher Max Scherzer, who signed a three-year, $130 million contract with the New York Mets for an annual salary of $43.3 million (57.2 billion won).

ESPN, a sports site, reported on the 9th (Korean time) the results of a survey of 26 MLB plant executives, agents, and club officials on how much Ohtani’s ransom would be.

A common view was that the contract with the highest ransom in the history of North American sports as well as MLB was expected to be concluded.

Six predicted less than $500 million. It ranges from a forecast of 240 million dollars in 4 years, ignoring the market price, to 192 million dollars in 12 years.

14 had estimates ranging from $500 million to $549 million. $500 million in 9 years to $528 million in 12 years.

Six predicted more than $505 million. From $555 million in 10 years to $605 million in 11 years. On average, the contract period is 11 years, a total of $524.3 million, and an annual salary of $47.5 million. It is an amount that surpasses the MLB Yankees symbol jersey even in terms of annual salary.

The two who predicted the highest amount guaranteed a total of $600 million and an annual salary of $50 million. 650 million dollars in 11 years and 600 million dollars in 12 years. Of the 23 predictions, three were less than $500 million, and only one was less than $475 million. 475 million dollars in 13 years, and an annual salary of 36.5 million dollars, which is somewhat far away.

ESPN pointed out that this type of ultra-mega deal is more complicated than simply adding up the amount and year. Some respondents analyzed that if Ohtani’s performance continues, teams that are afraid of large guarantees can include an escalator format in which annual salary increases, vesting options (contracts automatically continue when vesting option conditions are met), and bonuses. It is expected to be a record contract. Ohtani also has the possibility of an opt-out that could potentially take advantage of free agency.

An executive at the club suggested that if Ohtani’s goal was to maximize career earnings while maintaining flexibility, there might also be a creative structure for short-term contracts. The executive offered an 8-year, 400 million dollar contract, guaranteeing an annual salary of 60 million dollars for 5 years, and a player option for 3 years. This is an unlikely proposition.온라인카지노

To understand what makes Ohtani so difficult to evaluate, you need to understand how clubs evaluate free agents. Most mega deals take into account the player’s skill, age, position, expected aging curve, and performance. There are some differences. The free agent market’s ransom is adjusted somewhat for players before they rise or fall. As a result, most trades resemble previous trades.

In the free agency market, Ohtani has no comparable players. In the words of one executive, “because they’re two different players earning $35 million a year.” In addition, Ohtani is a superstar that will substantially change ticket sales, merchandise rights trading, and sponsorship. The contracted team is guaranteed a return on investment outside of the field.

However, not everything is absolutely in Ohtani’s favor. Because he doubles as a pitcher, there is a high risk of injury. Predicting the possibility of injury is more complicated because there are no players who have performed similarly. It’s a downside. No one can say for sure how long Ohtani will be able to maintain his current best pitching skills. There is no precedent. Currently, he has the best pitching skills, but no expert predicts an annual salary of 70 million dollars.


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