Min So-yoon wins three boys’ championships, becomes Korea’s first modern pentathlon ‘Hwasubun’ champion

South Korea, a modern pentathlon powerhouse, has another next-generation athlete on its hands. Seoul weightlifter Min So-yoon won three gold medals in the girls’ secondary school division at the 52nd National Boys’ Sports Games.

Min finished first in all three events (swimming and laser run) in the girls’ modern triathlon at Ulsan Sports Science Middle and High School in Ulsan, South Korea, over the past three days. Secondary schools compete in three events, excluding equestrian and fencing, while high schools compete in four events, excluding equestrian, to determine the best in the modern pentathlon. After excelling in swimming, Min also excelled in the laser run, a combination of athletics and shooting, scoring a total of 846 points to beat teammate Han Na-yeon (828 points) to the top spot.토토사이트

In the team event, she teamed up with Han Na-yeon, Kim Ji-yoon and Lee Yeon-hyun to win the gold medal with 3117 points, ahead of Gwangju (3112 points) and Busan (3047 points). She also competed in the relay event on the 28th with Hannayeon and Kim Ji-yoon, scoring 701 points to beat Busan (670) and Gwangju (661).

In the men’s competition, Choi Ji-woong (Gwangju) won two titles. Choi excelled in the laser run to earn 919 points in the individual triathlon and teamed up with Lee Ji-hoon in the relay to top the podium.


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